3D websites. Whaaaat

I simply had a display at school on 3D web page design. A guy came in coming from a company, and advised as about all these " websites" you walk into using your avatar. It’s for a website, but it’s actually a room.
Regardless, we all thought it was cool, and I decided to share it along guys. What are usually your opinions
And I might be getting a internship there

Similar thing I talked about them 7 issue when I first heard of them… more trouble to make than the RETURN.

It’s cool, but functionally useless IMHO.

MY SPOUSE AND I can’t say I am a fan. There’s an excessive amount of involved in loading the website. I tried in order to click their " match in 3d" link to give it a try, and it started loading a bunch of scripts and examined my browser settings and asked me for making changes. Then, the idea ultimately failed because I don’t let popups. You have got max 30 minutes to grab a person’s attention, and of which crap will move them away.

Yeah they said they’re looking to make it obtainable to everyone, I guess they have to try harder.

MY SPOUSE AND I tried it…

After 5 minutes of loading for a 6mbps DSL over a dual-core PC I quit…

Really We have a 10 season old processor, and it loaded fine…
You’ve just gotta click ‘next’ a bunch of times

Well It just did that (loading) circle for a little bit then It reached the final and then the item started over and I lost the battle I’m not in which patient…

If they’ll job harder on fast accessibility they’ll likely will have absolutely no issues. eheheehe. XD

Actually I remember a practically similar browser practical application years back. Sadly I forgot that name. What the app does is it makes your tiny 3D avatar walk at the bottom of your visitor everytime you see a page. If there usually are other app users within the same browser when you are in they you can chat and interact. Chats come upwards with these thought bubbles advertised above your character.

Hahah That is pretty cool!

Appears like Second (Lack associated with a) Life.

‘Second Life – The web surfing edition’

Yep, second-life rip with regard to web… should fall short faster than Subsequent life did.

Without doubt, people blew big money on that.

Second Life for browser continues to be in beta stage I believe. It seemed only selected people will get in. Probably according to connection speed. Everyone has inputs upon it

If it’s 2nd Living, it’s crap. How’s that will for input

Ronald’s character played Second Living. He lost his / her middle finger playing the sport, or you’d recognize how he really felt within the community.

Ronald, zero relation to Microphone Rowe

http: //en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Microsoft_vs. _MikeRoweSoft

Ronald, zero relation to Microphone Rowe

http: //en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Microsoft_vs. _MikeRoweSoft

That is the funny case

Not even spelled the same.

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