5-10 Domain names pointing to 1 Hosting Name

We were wondering if it is possible. Having different Websites point to distinct folders on 1 Hosting site
Hosting is perfect for www. affiliatenetworksite. com

To ensure the main domain title is pointing on the www. affiliatenetworksite. com/index. html

But then have another domain name (Lets call the idea Domain#1).
Domain#1 factors to www. affiliatenetworksite. com/domain1/index. html

After that Domain#2 points in order to www. affiliatenetworksite. com/domain2/index. html

After that Domain#3 points in order to www. affiliatenetworksite. com/domain3/index. html

Et cetera.
So your Websites would be like
myvideos. com
myelectronics. com
mygames. com
I know you can use redirects, but they Still show the truth Location. I choose to keep the Accurate location hidden. Just show the Website itself and not the Hosting Identify.

It varies according to your webhost.
You have to call as well as email them and have your question.
Some webhosts will do that for you (for extra fee, for each and every domain redirect).

In the event the webhost won’t exclusively allow reference with a subdirectory, they for sure will
allow redirect to the same root listing… in that situation, you’ll use. htaccess to accomplish the
redirect to the subdirectories.

No matter what, the webhost must know the domains and where they
ought to be directed. Ask them over it and hopefully they can help you out.

Oh yea ok, So it is Possible then.

You can use that in Apache or IIS with vHosts (Virtual Hosts).

Inside Apache, it’s pretty easy – just alter your sites-available track record and add a new virtual record for each domain name. Just make sure your " NameVirtualHost" is focused.

For those who have cPanel, you can do this even more through using addon domains. They will be structured in what way you’re showing (as subdirectories with the main domain).

Ahh fine Cool. I will read that.
It’s just that i get these Huge Hostings andf dont even use 5% of the total Storage, but have including 7-9 Different Websites.

Thanks You guys to your responses….

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