A guestion about blocking Url,s

Hey all. i am brand new the this website! But any approaches lets get on with it. I am coming up with a website that might sell downloadable files as well as physical items.

The question is very regarding the online files.

let me use paypal to take money transfers. Once they have paied for a downloadable file (eg. jpg or mp3) let me direct them to your page that the file is often downloaded from.

What i don’t understand how to go about is making this directory private or perhaps not accessible for the public that have not paid. (e. g that which is stopping them send that url to help there mate in addition to another 1000 people downloading for free.

We’ve been reading concerning the. htaccess technique, but i am still unclear if that how you can do it or perhaps not.

Any information or even code to steer me while in the right direction is going to be great thank an individual.

And i relised i overlook spelt question lol

You ought to really look directly into some paid e-commerce programs that have all Api’s for payment, etc. Witout a doubt incorporated.

You didn’t express your a higher level skills in legitimate, or if you would even started on the website.

When you’ve got little or no programming ( not design skills ), you’re planning to be hard hard pressed to recreate the actual wheel. Why does I mention " paid", because the majority of the open source packages out there become hacker focuses on. If you will be knolwdegable about php, among the list of prebuilt shopping cart programs might be a base to start off from, after you have coded out a number of the security problems using them.

Can I ask something If your certain client paid for to download any file, are you consuming the IP for the reason that payment ID or it takes to create a new paid account subscription to stay with the download When you require a settled registration before setting up a download, then I guess you may control the viewing of your respective files in your own directory.

I second this. You first want to do your research at some e-commerce programs etc to getting a feel of the particular APIs.

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