A little help with jscript slide show

Succeeds perfectly in firefox but looks like hell in IE.. I thought I got an okay developer until I found cross browser optimizing. Anyway please look at my portfolio page/code with IE and explain to me what I am doing wrong.

WEB ADDRESS is: http: //www. miliandesign. com/test. html

I have been trying to develop it for hours but can’t number it out, help could well be much appreciated. Do not know why the minute slide drops below the first, then the up coming 4 slides don’t manifest. (Take a take a look at it in Firefox to get reference)

Is also there a code to mend the png troubles in IE My background images glance very weird. Thanks a great deal (yes i know i’m a noob, fresh away from college)


Depending on the version of DW… you really need to find and function the " cell phone conflicts" or " cell phone compatibility" tool…

Likewise… in one of the css files…. it has all the graphic references as

" file: ///C/Documents%20and%20Settings/Maximilian%20Denning"

unless you’re running this page on your computing… you’re gonna have issues. .

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