A new, powerfull, intuïtive and amazing HTML-editor for Windows users


Just new to the forum, but here i will discuss something. In first of this year I wanted to create by myself website and value manually. Fortunately you will discover LOADS! of tutorials individuals can find on-line, however I could not find any texteditor that had features I truly wanted to observe in an HTML-editor.

Fortunately I know how to code in. NET and I started to create my own HTML-editor, branded " Webstract Studio". I had some beta-tester and they are extremely enthusiastic around the way the program works. " Tutorialzine" in addition to " Smashing Magazines" are very impressed incidentally it works and are likely to write a examine on their website(s).

The trend is to have a appear and tell me what you imagine of it. Remember you’re downloading a tryout. A lot with features are incompetent, but the help will explain to you what that can be done with it. I’m 100% convinced you didn’t expect what you obtain.

Alter: link removed. This may not be an advertising discussion board. Read the policies. AlphaMare

Thread sanitized. No more guys, ok

Jajinder, they are asking for links on the review articles, not the product. Since by your own admission they have not written and/or submitted said review but, there is nothing to connect to. You can mention each of the potential reviews you want, but without the particular review it’s incomprehensible.

I would suggest on detailing in your site what the particular difference is somewhere between the demo plus the full version with the software. Also, I’d change the links towards required files towards the download pages from Microsoft. No way would likely I ever get a hold of Microsoft files at a non-Microsoft site.

Oh, ok. Thanks for any tips.

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