A Portfolio?

Without doubt Guys!

For everyone who dont know me in to Rob. You see We’ve had a issue, for quite a very long time. I am your freelancer web construtor on www. elance. com, and Relating to something to admit…


so must i have one Will it be look more professional I merely really need quite a few tips, that might acquire me started on creating one If its a good idea.

Can you guys have any tutorial you recognize of that will help me

On this porfolio I want to focus on:

-Color Blend
-Futuristic Look
-Easily Editable, and easy to add ratings or equipment to portfolio
-Appeasable to the eye

So what do you believe, do you guys think you may help me produce this happen

< Thanks> THEREFORE MUCH< /Thanks>


It sounds like you actually go figured out.

MY SPOUSE AND I do don’t MY PARTNER AND I Hahaha Thanks A person, my Friend!

What Ronald said. You already possess the basic idea behind what you long for. Now the next step should be to break down the thing you need to do to get what you deserve and figure out there which information you may need that you don’t currently have.

simple response to your question…. OF COURSE!

unquestionably create yourself your portfolio site. It’s going to help open up more leads


Only one tip: Dont be a perfectionist with all your own portfolio!

I think a lot of us have these problem that people create a design and style for our selection website and once 2 month we’re tired of the existing design and develop a new one. You should stick in the needs and goals and for those who have done and tried it than allow it to needlessly online and dont operate every free minut at it

Im just saying it because I know a huge amount of freelancers which often change their selection every 2 30 days (I want a lot time too!! )

What’s the use of portfolio website Will i need to purchase my domain or subdomain is just fine. I thought at the beginning that Facebook page might be a portfolio. But right after reading several comments, I think My organization is wrong.

That’s about you. You want to do what works for you.

How do you need Facebook as a portfolio page Would you add images as well as whatnot

Many improvements have become integrated in Fb. You can now make a website-like page with all the full features of a website where you’ll be able to embed images and videos while you like.

Incredible. Never knew that, thanks! I’ll go see what’s up

In fact its quite easy to make awesome websites within live journal. Their are quite a few old tecniques as well as some new ones, you need to concentrate in iframes. And check you will need soon an SSL-Certificate to produce your websites work towards wordpress. On http: //www. allfacebook. com you need to find some data.

We had generate for our company something permanently because their werent moment. We will transform this soon way too, you can locate it here: http: //www. kolibri. com. mx/kolibri. diseno

I knew about WP I’m not necessarily looking for ways to make a web site, because I recognize already. I merely thought it’s awesome how FB will be copying Tumblr.

oh yea man sorry, this is what happens if a person write during workingtime everytime i said " wordpress" I wanted to say " facebook" therefore read it all over again:

lol Fine, thanks for the actual info.

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