a small html5 demo I made

Howdy everyone.
I am very excited about HTML5, CSS3, and the many new JavaScript api’s that are coming out, based on it, especially becaused it will eventually make the world wide web more semantic, which, will make the web more accessible for visually impaired folks like me.

nonetheless, because I like experimenting with stimulating things, I got my personal hands dirty with a certain amount of html5 coding. I made a super easy script that will probably print the songtext of your song as its playing. I want to know what people think of my test, and what your ideas are, on using html5 and also the other new web technologies that are coming, to make your site’s functionality.

In the event everything went properly, the demo needs to be attached to this specific post.

My zip was too big, so I must upload it elsewhere

verify it here

I have to say that it can be pretty cool.

Despite the fact that HTML5 is ahead of everyone (cough… IE),
you should continue to pursue those types of things.

POST do question this copyright legalities with posting songs in addition to lyrics online,
but still, it’s cool… also it could offer a few accessibility ideas
with regard to disabled people. Employing PHP, Javascripting (AJAX), one could turn on and
off various page wording, sub titles, visible assist tools, for example.

In case you get some self deprecation from anyone with regard to things you article, don’t ever stop
playing around using HTML5 or any type of scripting as well as programming.

thank you for your respond.

within the copyright, I hope that everyone with this forum understands we included material that i don’t have that rights to send. I therefor expectation, that people will not likely see this content as actually staying given to these folks, and I hope that everyone is mature enough to never sell the materials,…

I understand I’m not really protecting myself versus law related goods here but, I hope you get your point.

About the being early, it depends on how you do it. Several of patching screenplays available that get HTML5 functionality to browsers that you should not support it, utilizing a simple javascript. So it is very important build your site either with all these scripts or (or more desirable AND) make these people degrade gracefully.

There is truly a work around intended for CSS 3 throughout IE. it is CSS3 Pie, you can take a look here and WE also just wrote a article about it explaining it a bit better.

You can read about CSS3 Cake on my blog deanographics. com

I hope this will assistance, since IE will be SO behind everything!

there have always been ways to obtain these effects in old ie. javscript, graphic corners and shadows, php-gd. the point associated with css3 was to create quick work connected with common styling. whats the point of employing a more efficient styling code if your going to do all of the leg work you’ll normally do to accomplish this, maybe more.

i planned on taking a quick route that is to narrow pertaining to large trucks today knowing we have been moving a big truck, instead from the long road your truck will fit thure. so we must bring in your road crew that will widen it before we are able to move ahead. truly

except CSS3 won’t work with IE 6-8… which will help the idea to.

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