Ad positioning.

No problem. Give me THIRTY mins k I believe i already continue to have your zip archive.

ok thank you so much you happen to be amazing

Absolutely no worries.

Okay here you decide to go. This wireframe structure should do what you would like it too. Look at the code to get text input for example. You’ll need to change the background colors if you need

Expect this helps

Oh yea forgot to refer to. I have fixed your shovnose. com logo since text so it really is edited the way you want etc… You’ll see this in the code. To change any kind of of it look at the #header div throughout css k

You should get a badge saying " CSS Guru"

certainly…. yes i must

Boo yes!

Wow, that’s wonderful (I just took a glance at it)…
I truly appreciate it
Whenever a anything I can do for you (lol) or even want from me (not that i have much or can provide you with much) let me know!

Well it appears to be working quite effectively.

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