Adding a Video To My Site?

Hello folks,

Recently i had a business video produced, i uploaded to Myspace and embedded about my site. Considered one of my customers desires to watch the online video media, but their equipment blocks YouTube. The file We’ve is a. wmv. I’m confused how to placed this on my personal site without finding your way through a video sharing site. Any advice

Bless you!

If their own firewall is forbidding YouTube, I can almost guarantee it can block WMV or more or less any other video clip format.

There is mostly a reason they obstruct them ( not to just block YouTube as well as the time wasting needed there ), I manage firewalls for a number of clients and because of security issues a part of videos being hacked along with malware and Trojans embedded around them, they have inquired me to block all.

Prior to my creating this filters, their adware and rates were massive. On avg. 4-7 incidents 7 days. Since the firewall rule was implemented many months ago, there own only been 2 malware incidents full, and those were traced returning to email exposure.

I know this is not the answer you intend to hear, but I thought I’d try and keep you from wasting a great deal of time plus resources.

The CEO’s as well as upper management all have smartphones that are designed for YouTube.

A number of my clients have virtually asked the same question… The only other option could be to convert the WMV file to your swf file ( anysoft movie converter ), embed them just like you would any adobe flash file.

Once they are being served from the site, they can inquire their firewall manager to permit content from in which domain ( as an alternative to opening up most of YouTube ).

I appreciate the input Webzarus. I’ll turn the file. I learn something new everyday. Thanks!

So will i.

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