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I need to add extra word boxes to my own site dynamically. The user is provided just one text box by means of default to key in data. But if they have to enter more as compared with one line, I want there becoming a button to own another box glimpse. I have found this done in other sites, but I can’t visualize one.
Will be best way to achieve this Javascript

Indeed, javascript. If you’re accustomed to jQuery, this is rather easy to create. Simply append() more boxes should the user clicks() any button.

I realize the jquery course. Here’s a good example and tutorial on how you can add form aspects dynamically:

http: //www. coldfusionjedi. com/index. cfm/2009/2/19/Using-jQuery-to-add-form-fields

http: //www. coldfusionjedi. com/demos/jqueryadd/test1. cfm

Expectation this helps.

< script type=" text/javascript" >
var pos = 0;
functionality addbox()

var put = document. getElementById('THE_ID_OF_PLACE');
put. innerHTML += '< feedback type=" text" id=" entry' + pos + '" /> WI

< /script>

Rudimentary although works

Thanks for all the responses. I’ll be presenting it a opportunity sometime this full week after I get some good other stuff away from my plate.
I have also be reading on Ruby. Since I have no idea of much about Dark red, I won’t be designing my site about it anytime soon, but this thing seems nearly native to Ruby… can anyone investigate that

Ruby, on Rails, can be a web application structural part. I don’t have got much experience about it, so I can’t exactly say when it’ll do what you need, but note that in the long run Javascript is the one thing that may accomplish your intention. (RoR may generate the JS, I are not aware of. )

Good to recognise. I’ll keep that as their intended purpose. Like I claimed, I’m really simply starting to learned about it to find out if it’s something I’d like to see to pursue. In the long run though, my web site is pretty very simple and really isn’t going to need anything previously mentioned and beyond a few simple HTML, JS, PHP.
Gives thanks.

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