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I’m a university student and I’m creating my first website for any friend who’s loved ones is breeding by using Arabian horses.
It is just a fairly simple site, except she wants and therefore post news changes and add photo’s with a gallery.

What I want to know is:
*What regarded as a use to help her and your ex alone to publish news updates into the site.
*How to make it possible for her to add new photo’s towards gallery.
**The gallery choice isn’t compulsory, I just thought it might be nice to add the other functionality.

Any help and advice would be considerably appreciated!

This one sounds like the best site for Live journal.
She can write content articles, allow people to comment, add a new photo gallery, and
do the many social networking elements. My advice is to check out using WordPress,
obtaining a free template (google it) and also customize the web template for her moose theme.

Thanks for any advice! At present she doesn’t would like a social internet site, only one that could keep the community up-to-date, but I’ll explore the prospects of an social networking internet site with her, many thanks mlseim!

There’s some lightbox PHP script (I consider it’s actually referred to as lightbox) but WHEN I can’t remember what exactly it’s called, since I typically just DIY that almost thing using. NET and jQuery.

This may also be a new case for Joomla. So far as I can describe it (and WHEN I haven’t used it), you can go on and use it for such thinggs as this where you never want people commenting. Smart call on that, by just how… your friend’s got a distinct segment business, and likelihood is the family doesn’t wish to spend hours filtering comments from idiot offshore spammers spouting away from intellectual brilliance for example " this is actually great news content, very informativity, i expect more of this specific!!.. " while connecting to Viagra, betting, starving women in search of marriage, web development, SEO and what ever someone pays them $3 one hour to use the six remaining human brain cells to shill. So yeah… keep the commenting off your friend’s site as long as you possibly can.

Isn’t it considerably like Ruby on rails I need her and therefore post news on the site without a visible input box like this website: http: //roosterteeth. com/home. php. I are ill-informed of how I’m about to do that, but I’ll consider WordPress.
I also talked about a solution utilizing java, where a alternative program adds html towards news page.

I’m just guessing on this… because I see they are using a submission site called /assets/…

I think the CMS that roosterteeth is actually using:
http: //garmahis. com/tutorials/how-to-make-website-with-modx-cms/

Consider using ModX… We have never used this before myself, the truth is, this is
the first time I’ve even viewed it.

Pretty much any CMS shall be able to make it happen, the one you select will just end up being personal preference. Depending on the first response, WordPress is essentially the most popular for little sites in this way but go with whichever you prefer the admin solar panel of.

You could construct something custom if you need a learning undertaking or whatever, but installing WP with a decent modified theme may well be the quickest way you’re about to achieve things you require. Pick a motif that does a fantastic gallery layout, turn off comments if you want, don’t add any social links, in addition to you’re set.

LOL, roosterteeth boulders

: Thank you for the input, and to everyone else as well! You guys are an awesome community! I realized that every the above mentioned are any CMS I would like to learn something from this kind of, so I’ll notice whatever works with regard to my needs, many thanks!

: Thanks for any ilghtbox idea, it’s just what I had in your mind with the gallery! Many thanks!

Thanks you for all your input in addition to help!!!

in addition to , yes, they rock! I just love their internet site and RvB as well!


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