AdSense screwiing everything up ;)

I’ve truly got my jQuery slider operating, (using Nivo Slider)… nevertheless it only works having AdBlock enabled. After AdBlock is disable (thus displaying the Google AdSense advertisement), the thing gets messed way up.
Virtually any ideas why
Thank you.
http: //shovenose. com/

Nevermind, it is apparently working fine these days. Lol!
Abother idea, how would POST make the track record image fill the screen both horizontally and vertically as an alternative to repeating

You might set ‘background-repeat: no-repeat; ‘> but if you want to fill the complete screen, you’ve gotta get yourself a bigger image.

As well as I’ve gotta express, the site’s exploring much sexier.

Is there something where i’ll set it to help 100% width

Not if it’s actually a background image. You can try putting a div guiding everything, then inserting the image towards that div, and setting the wider and height to that image. That’s that quick and soiled way.
That’s the way I put in place my black and white tilted logo inside my site

Actually your blog is legally quarry because it’s below my hosting consideration, right
Lol. Just simply kidding.
But yes I am going to try that, thank you!

lol G’luck

Zero luck. I’ll try something else.

Alright. See what Used to do, I cut heli-copter flight bottom part on the image. Now I just need to center it. Precisely how would I complete that
Thank you.

background-position: middle;

then it centers it from the top too and also looks ugly.

background-position: middle center;

zero change

Fine, I just noticed what you recommended. There is methods to stretch the foundation to full thicker and height, but I’m definitely not sure how it can be done (never had grounds to do it before).

As far as your ad should go, add padding-right: 0px to your #right div.

That will didn’t change whatever. Good point, although. How do MY PARTNER AND I get that ad to advance over

MY SPOUSE AND I don’t see that change, dude. As well as did you add it before as well as after your extra padding: 10px; line You’ll want to add it after.

I did it to the local version. This doesn’t happen look any several. That sucker continues to be jammed up from the slider. (I didn’t publish the changes so it didn’t look just about any different)…

I do believe I see component to the reason, if not all the reason, why.

The slider (600 px) is wider compared to container (580px). Produce them equal.

I’ve truly entirely redesigned this index page. I in addition have some work to perform regarding the Get in touch with Me page, but then I will publish my changes.

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