Advice for a newbie – adding anchors to scrolling elements?

My sister and I are looking to create a website like this:

http: //www. pauljnoble. com/

The leading function of the website is usually to display articles inside chapters. The Chapters as well as articles will substitute the portfolio written content of Paul’s web page. We are thinking the chapters will become vertically aligned and that the articles will probably go horizontally. We would like each content to contain advertising share buttons. What is the best way to try and do this The articles would be the same style, though the layout of each will be slightly different. What is the terminology that describes these scrolling pages Is he webpages Blocks Partitions Panes

Component of the problem is the fact I just do not have all the verbiage down yet.

There has to be any reason this javascript wouldn’t allow for the articles to scroll similar way the photographs do

thanks for ones help. This will probably be a rough couple weeks

Away from curiosity, how long don’t you think it would take an experienced person to layout a website like that using content that shouldn’t get finalized for some more weeks

We are hitting the guides hard and chipping away at all the separate portions and hoping that learning curve is not too steep if we stay targeted and work the asses off.

Thanks again! Sorry for that length.

This kind of looks promising in the event all else isn’t able. It is a compromise though…

http: //css-tricks. com/examples/AnythingSlider/#panel2-1

This page has scrolling divs having links wrapped having in.

http: //carrotcreative. com/#! /clients

Likewise, would our idea involve a great deal of editing of javascript It seems like some is pre-packed nevertheless Paul’s had quite a few custom. looking on some javascript around notepad sends chills straight down my back.

We are today considering a freelancer for the introduction of the web website. Let me know for anyone who is interested.

The main content in the site will probably be about 7 chapters with an array of 3-8 articles with each. One chapter has 15 articles, but the some aren’t has serious.

We want any left side bar navigation just for this content. Similar to the present: http: //flowplayer. org/tools/demos/scrollable/site-navigation. html

The chapter titles will substitute for the building on the example above. The first scrollable window pane for your chapter (where the initial picture of the building is) will certainly contain an catalog page with thumbnails and also article headings which are clickable. Click on the thumnail and your content scrolls to the selected post, or one may search through each article applying navigation buttons.

The article window panes will all have same formatting. The same thumbnail because one in the actual index pane as well as a column of text with a scroller to get around to text it doesn’t fit in the actual pane. At the top right of each one article pane we’d like facebook/ twitter media share buttons along with an email and also print button.

None with the article content is definitely finalized. It would try to be dummy text the location where the article content runs.
We are primarily interested in developing a framework that we are able to add content far too.

In the event that anyone here feels qualified, please pm us with a perception of cost/timeline that will implement this as well as any questions you could have.

Is this kind of site hard to help gauge for time requirements I’m still curious to understand how long most of think it would decide to try do. We appeared handing it up to someone more qualified for 10k a week ago, but I still a lot interested in webdesign and also coding. Was 10k a practical number.

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