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As another guy to the business of website design (am retired), you can find occasional, logistical items that arise and am uncertain how to deal with. I hope this is actually the appropriate forum for this thing.

Easily design a site to get a customer (I work with DW CS5), is that code typically paid to the shopper, once the bill may be paid Sure, for a small fee, I am going to continue to do edits into the content. And for your larger fee, do edits to the layout. But easily am no longer serious about doing maintenance, for whatever reason, I can just hand over a current copy of the code, on a disc to customer. Right And if customer hires someone else for maintenance on the site, that person seriously isn’t tied to DW, but can modify code anyway he/she see fit Many thanks.

You’re going to find a alternatively different approach nowadays… the sites are usually installed, configured,
as well as customized… the people change content on their own dynamically. This is definitely typical with
Live journal, Joomla, Drupal, or another type of powerful CMS (content management system).
Static sites carried out with DW are more or less obsolete. I suppose people can use the text editor
portion of DW… but if you don’t have your own server in your house, all scripting ought to be done
online which includes a shared webhost.

The upcoming HTML5/CSS3 and especially sites/systems regarding mobile and hand-held devices
will pretty much make a great deal of web design of no use. It’s about online information now.
Trade of information, screen, searching, and public aspects. I’ve under no circumstances used DW by means of the
method. All coding and also PHP/MySQL, Perl, AJAX, JQuery… done by hand. Because I don’t have
my very own server.

Miseim, thanks to the response, though unclear I understood all of it. Are you saying that this is probably not a good business to have interaction in I are aware that I am nicely beyond the contour here, never for getting wealthy from it – as a minimum not in the design/develop an internet site . (Dreamweaver) sense. Just looking to augment my salary during retirement.

The opinion – That way are stuff heading, if a world wide web designer’s services (as many people exist today) turned out to be obsolete Certainly HTML5/CSS3 would be the basis for a ‘new wave’ of web site design. Yes And as well, I would be expecting that Adobe arrive out with a new version of DW, that will provide HTML5/CSS3 as its generated output. Granted, all coding have to be adapted to the exploding hand-held/mobile system marketplace. So where does one see a international niche-player like my home, be better suited

I currently employ a CMS called Savvy to keep up a School District’s web site, here in MA. Thanks again regarding shedding light with this for me. -Sully

for those who have clients that are able to take the program code and manage/maintain yourself or hire someone else to do edits, then handing them a full code for the website is a typical practice.

Zero, they won’t be stuck just using DW… All HTML could be modified and edited with basically any text based editor, so simply no worries there.

Personally, I don’t believe the services you will be providing is going to be obsolete any period soon, I have several clients we provide these services to they usually have no desire to use a CMS or anything that needs them to take part in the web web site.

One thing its also wise to consider to enhance your services can be training, I have several clients which i provided the doing the job code to, and trained probably their employees to generate the updates… if you comment away our code enough, and making sure they understand your comments, they will be able to edit the subject matter rather easily.

In the event the CMS you currently use with the school district is actually solid, and may be templated, you’re already along the way to providing extremely services than you already know. If not, wordpress is a pretty simple CMS that is definitely easily modified and templated to supply the site a compelling foundation, and then the potential of the client messing upwards the layout, although editing the written content is pretty lean.

Thanks Webzarus, helpful information here. -Sully.

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