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Howdy. I’m Jorge, from Portugal, and I want an ecigs on the internet shop, which I’ll be doing to be a dropshipper (honest! ) which has a Chinese supplier. POST asked my son-in-law, advised him about Magento and whatnot, to build me the look, but since he or she doesn’t know PHP/MySQL they said he was gonna build the web site with Google Web sites (or maybe Programs, not sure, I don’t perhaps know if it makes a genuine diference), which he is doing, apparently quite effectively, according to the indications. If the guy can proceed from generally there on, good. In the event he can’t, I’ll have got to ask someone to increase a few capabilities. I’m a tad afraid he could possibly be having work intended for nothing. I have a few questions:

a) Can we really add Paypal and also what else is actually Does Paypal have some shopping cart along with does it work efficiently If not, how regarded as a add a shopping cart

b) From checkout, I’d like the customers and therefore choose between Offshore Registered Airmail and EMS plus the shipping costs depends according to your weight and desired destination. Is that possible

c) Before checkout, I’d plan to add something where the customers would say they had learn and agred on the Terms of Support. Is that possible

d) Is it easy to adjust the availabality regarding products with Search engines Sites

f) Finally, for someone who has as ignorant as I am, how easily maneageable would this sort of site be

Howdy, I just talked that has a friend who laughed and said Google didn’t even enable a database. Is that so If so, my son-in-law continues to be wasting his time.
If that is the case, for someone exactly who needs something with the features I reported before and who knows nothing regarding any language, what would you recommend I observed several sites offering all these services for good enough prices and apparently Possible design the site myself but it would still look great. It seemed to become the case with Webnode On earth do you recommend Webnode or do you have a better plan, knowing what I want and that I’m a complete ignorant Thank you a great deal.

You can’t use both simultaneously. They both usually are not banks, but " holders" in the transaction.
Deals are handled by them, and you have an account with them. They hold the money
until you require a transfer for a real bank.

By using both, the buyer does not have to have a PayPal bill or Google account, but it makes
it faster for these. All they need is really a valid credit card.

Listed here is a comparison of them as well:
http: //paypalvsgooglecheckout. com/

I can’t speak for any shipping part… by using either PayPal and also Google, you might have to
complete the calculations you, or find out if your shipper is portion of the system:
http: //code. search engines. com/apis/checkou… out_HTML_API_Carrier_Calculated_Shipping. html

Major shippers have what’s called an API. That allows online ecommerce to connect to them
for calculating shipping costs designed for them.

What number of items do everyone have
Which creates photos, descriptions, cost, etc.
Who will manage the inventory


Talk with your real bank, or your company bank to
decide if they offer CC mercantile service. You may possibly have
which part already obtainable, which you might process your
own credit cards with a protected server. But it’ll require
PHP/MySQL scripting. I guess any way you do this will
need some scripting

I can’t say right now just how many items Concerning but I asked Webnode (that allows for 100 products into their mini plan) if, for example, I had adapters and there are 15 of them when they would be considered 15 products or simply 1 (when grouped) and they said I might consider them merely 1. So, I guess it’d suit me through that side. I’ve the photos, types (in both Colonial and English), charges, texts, ideas, most that, myself – every thing is ready except the website. would have to manage the inventory for a very regular schedule, according to exactly what my supplier’s giving.

And so, if Google Sites is really a bad choice, would Webnode be high quality in the sense that I’d build everything myself and have got enough for my business Are there better recommendations Thanks much.

Is your store one company You could have one supplier

Discover if they offer the capacity to access product or service information for these directly.
Ask them related to API or XML recommended to their products. You probably have no idea of what all that
implies, but ask them and allow us to know. It might be possible for you to get access to
the photos and descriptions from their store, without having to cope with that yourself.

You might be right, I know nothing with that. But they do have got a site where I could get the images from in zip files and in accordance with categories and goods. I just were required to add my watermark in order to each. On another hand, I don’t wish my site trend like theirs in the least, it’s not purported to, plus you know how Chinese sites appear to be: a bit for instance supermarkets… So, I’ve everything ready to be able to roll: photographs, types, prices, shipping expenditures, etc. – all except the website.

PayPal is probably a payment process… If you should charge and assess shipping, that wI’ll should be done before a person hit the " pay out now" button…

Should the site you speak about above, is really worth anything, they may have shipping calculators as well as payment API’s already integrated… If they don’t ( I’ve never got word of them )… I’d suggest you decide on someone that provides the " total package"… Since your not tech savy… And would need to implement them within their site…

I do not have any recommendations for virtually any ecommerce as I have never had a must anything more than 20+ items… I’ve always built my own ring..

Another thing to consider when looking on this venture can be your " target audience"… And where the site will likely be hosted. Hosting on secure secure servers is really a must for every ecommerce platform. You’ll be able to drive away customers or potential prospects if the site is slow… Or perhaps has issues…

If your target audience is due to Europe… You must probably host now there… If you visit global or are trying to find a customer base in the us… Hosting in the usa is probably recommended…

In conversation with lose me as being a customer any sooner… If I visit your site but it takes forever for you to load..

Simply just had a believed… I k

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