Advice in the redesign of sites main function.

The basis associated with my site is the fact I have a huge QR code about the main page. This QR program code is hollow and derived from a couple $ 100 or so empty spaces. The empty spaces are if anyone is to upload their particular QR code, so eventually the chief QR code will be made up of smaller personal QR codes. You could have a look for yourself to getting a better idea: http: //qrposterboard. com
I have to redesign it because the process of setting individual QR codes is incredibly cumbersome. I used a great html image chart and mapped out many of the coordinates within this QR code. Each coordinate is then linked to an email form where the user submits there QR code. Since I had no way with tracking which square the user clicked on, I had to create an original email form for every square. I then take these records and have to help update the impression map.
It have been suggested by another person to replace the actual image map and use CSS place the individual squares
The entire process has to be overhauled. Any help or suggestions could be appreciated.

You didn’t post this inside PHP section….
But I think the solution is going to be a PHP/MySQL script… having AJAX or JQuery.

This database contains the particular User’s name, User’s contact, User’s QR Signal URL, the QR Code filename.
Furthermore, how many critical, timestamp of the last click, and anything else you might want to know.
You may also save the coordinates from the QR code since it pertains to a person’s map (eg. G5).
You upload the specific QR Code image right into a directory, and the filename is stored from the database.

The PHP/MySQL idea could be automatic. You would try a PHP script to handle a user build,
then whenever they login, they may pick any abandoned location and distribute their QR Value. The PHP script
for your web page would likely automatically generate the actual HTML page while using database… creating your
significant map of QR requirements. You could include several maps if you wanted to. You may even do some
Yahoo and google Map thing for you to let the user’s pinpoint their geographic location.

On the side note…
For those considering customizing the biggest market of their QR Signal, see this:
http: //hackaday. com/2011/08/11/how-to-put-your-logo-in-a-qr-code/

OK recommendations the kicker – is that this possible with wordpess MY PARTNER AND I orginally built the positioning by scratch, however decided to go it to hubpages.

Sure it can be… WordPress was a great choice for you.

You’ll be able to create any PHP script and also " include" it within any of your WP pages.
You’re basically writing your personal " plug-in", but it really won’t be an authentic WP plug-in.
As you are already have the particular MySQL database, you may add a innovative MySQL table
only for the management of your respective map/grid (users, etc). Since WP has the user
in order to register part (for generating comments), you would certainly use that aspect to enable
somebody to upload the QR Code photograph. You use PHP for you to resize the QR Code
image on the exact size you need, regardless of the dimensions they uploaded.

Without having PHP/MySQL knowledge, you may have to hire someone to accomplish the programming.
It isn’t really something we can script to suit your needs using this community. It’s going to become quite
some scripting. Once it’s into position though, you won’t must touch it greatly.

To add a deal where they have to pay for posting, that adds the whole
new aspect to this. But again, it may be done with the required time and money.

Thanks for your advise mlseim! I don’t prefer to charge for uploading, as the site is just a project of mine. I’m considering opening it up like a " community" developed site pertaining to possibly some young entrepreneurs to get some experience and see what that they develop – a thought

simply a note here in case anyone comes over this: i did a fast search and this looks like usually there are some wordpress contact form plugins as well as plugins to choose those forms that include a database extention to insert the data into the mysql databases.
now the exam will be in some manner capturing the cordinates from the QR code which they clicked on

I think you’re going to need a whole bunch more than just a contact form wordpress extension.
You never want emails there… you want some sort of PHP script saving their QR Signal and
other information in to a database table. A contact kind plug-in isn’t likely to do that.

Convinced, they will be using a " form" in order to enter and post… but it’s not just a " contact form".
You could possibly can install that plug-in and customize the plug-in Regardless, what
you need will likely be more extensive than a plug-in.

There are many contact forms that include database extensions that will enter the data the person submits into your wordpress mysql databases.
I’m likely to test it right now and will statement back
http: //wordpress. org/extend/plugins/contact-form-7-to-database-extension/screenshots/

I agree dress yourself in work… I’ve utilised Contact 7, but is not the extension.

You want it to do two things….
Save the shape fields, and let them upload a great image.
The image is stored as part of your media section (or in a directory).
The filename on the image is stored from the database, along utilizing their name (form fields).

You may have to see if it will it that approach.
WE never like saving images " instantly in" the database table (BLOB).
It can be done, but It’s my opinion MySQL is not really very efficient during handling binary picture files.

When you can get information as well as the image stored, you hold it.
The moment that happens, generating the page using your grid/map will be easy.
That also will demand custom PHP… but it’s the easy part.

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