Advice: Need A Retouching/Illustration Site, That Would Appeal To Design Pros

Greetings All,

I’ve never had an internet site ., and need advice on how to proceed. I do retouching, illustration and CGI pertaining to print advertising. I wish to have a site this shows my operate, but it ought to be uber stylish, classy, and refined, because my current and potential clients are advertising agencies, production studios, as well as marketing firms. Having a gofer varsity website because space is not a good idea. It’s a upright order, one that Patient avoiding for some sort of longtime, out involving fear of effing this up. I need a little bit shove, a start working the rear, a point from the right direction.

QUEEN: Where should WE start
QUEEN: What are the options
QUEEN: What would the price range be
QUEEN: Is starting which includes a flash template, and modifying a bit, an option presented my given this needs

Here are a few sites that are generally really inspiring to my opinion, have just the ideal flavor that I’m interested in, but I have no idea if I can easily post those buttons here. I wouldn’t desire to feel the wrath from the ban hammer in my first place.

Thank you!


Post those sites you enjoy without the " internet. "… like search engine. com

I’ve supplied links in the way described, thanks to the assistance.

This web site has exactly this feel, style (and sound) I’d like. It also shows the image underneath your retouched image, in the event the viewer mouses on the photo. That is a must have ingredient for my family.
addnoise us dot net

. This place isn’t bad for just a CMS flash theme, but doesn’t have the rollover function (before/after) We need. The person WHEN I spoke with with M o t o t electronic m p l some sort of t e s said how the template is made to be edited, and Possible create the rollover purpose.
h… t… t…. p…..: //templates. motocms. com/flash-photo-gallery-templates-type/33991. html

. What I love about this presentation may be the small source images are displayed, and consistent placing of a narrative describing the procedure, the goals, etc.
electricart. com. au/index. php

Thank you again

: Julian

Are you sure you need to go with some sort of Flash site
Just simply curious, because Flash isn’t supported upon some smartphones (and not really on iPad/iPhone)

Finding a great Flash site that way… either you have all the Macromedia software and
are experienced at Expensive, or you hire someone. I’m guessing in a high cost.

HTML5 seriously isn’t fully supported but, especially with more mature browsers, but that will be the
" different Flash" in 2012-2013… backed by everyone sooner or later.

electricart. com. au is a JQuery based web-site (javascripting and PHP).

Prior to deciding to decide, find someone having an iPhone/smartphone and visit your entire listed sites.
See if any of them supplies a mobile rendition of the site, or what sort of work on ones mobile device.
The iPad/Kindle Fire, etc. would be nice to try also.

Awesome, I will reconsider expensive, and will carry out a drive by hundreds of sites with our i phone. I forgot concerning the feud that Jobs had with display.

: Can we really do the mouse rollovers I’d like without flash

If anybody out there is still listening,

I’ve decided to stick with doing a flash website. My niche won’t likely often be viewing my site on phones or tablets. They’re just ad pros, almost certainly viewing on computing Macs or notebooks during daytime doing the job hours. I’m kind of digging this CMS Expensive Template, I’ve fiddled around while using demo version, and it’s one thing I can figure out how to modify intuitively.

templatemonster. com/flash-cms-templates/28980. html

So I guess We need:
A website registered.
A hosting provider that can do PHP v. A FEW. 2. 1 and also Higher, and Zend Optimizer v3. THREE or higher (whatever of which means)

Another part of accomplishing this I’m missing
Immediately after I build/modify your template, how will i upload the whole enchilada Can it go " Live"
If I prefer to add images or even update my website content once in a while how does this work

Thanks in advance for all you assistance, it’s greatly appreciated!

A lot more business are simply just outright blocking pen… 3 of our clients I cope with firewalls are… The reason why

ONE. Flash is used for a lot of video formats ( preventing reduces time wasters abilities to kill a long time online watching training videos ).

ONLY TWO. Bulk of gaming sites are accomplished in flash ( identical reasoning as on top of ).

THREE. Rash outbreak with Trojan deployments will be done utilizing thumb and it’s potential to mask activeX parts.

A properly designs site will give you other content plus serve it up in the event the flash player just isn’t detected.

Virtually any design you could think is possible with Javascript and also CSS. Google+ does a few amazing things (such for the reason that effect you find when sorting your pals into circles). Needless to say, doing everything in javascript is generally more complicated. But I do believe it’s well worth every penny.

You should not ignore the mobile market at all. I know for idea that many executives in large business surf the world wide web on their cellular devices, and iPad seem to be particularly popular on the businesses I worked with. If someone brings up your name, these executives are not going to create it down and don’t forget to look the idea up later, they will still do it there, at their particular favourite Tim Horton’s. As long as they can’t see your site, they will imagine " Oh effectively, " and google search the next guy. Your business seriously isn’t unique nor features weak competition.

If you subscribe to a new webhost account, you may be given access to somewhat of a control panel.
You can set-up a FTP account to enable you to use FileZilla (free, search on google)
to transfer files backwards and forwards between your PERSONAL COMPUTER and website.

You can use mouseovers and all sorts of nifty things together with javascript. It’s simpler to code (less time=less expensive", simpler to update, etc device friendly.
Check into JQuery and see several great image display/manipulation effects you can receive.

AlphaMare – This is a great link, massive thanks!

: Fine, so can anybody describe how put on work I’m comfortable working together with existing templates, as well as am currently

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