advice on gifs please?

Hi there. would like to work with gif for a website I am working away at but the shadows or gradients emerge flat & nasty.
I’m for example, making a button in illustrator along with using drop darkness.
I’ve it set for best quality & for many of the colors available.
Could anyone suggest easy methods to solve this problem
With thanks

Don’t work with a gif for gradients, shadows, or perhaps photographs, Save it for a jpg.

But I need to the transparency. that was the real reason for the gif.

You need to use PNG,
but for IE5, SIX (and 7), you must use a hack to repair their PNG problem.

– doesn’t that drastically improve the file size
I’ve the same difficulty with transparent gifs. I’m afraid I just now now do not forget the limitations while designing and do not incorporate shadows etc plainly know it’ll mean a see-thorugh gif. jpg seems to be OK.

Only work with the original png’s with all the current extra info throughout them. You still have to export them for a web png.

I’ve noticed microscopic size increases when using PNG. And when you’re dealing with shadows or gradients you’re usually speaking about very small pictures anyway (mostly repeated), so size is rarely a worry.

jj1, strangely to realize is this for example:

I use Fireworks for graphics plus the file types are generally png’s. Those original png’s are set with info especially when you experience a lot of layers and also other effects added for you to it. That tends to make the file styles pretty hefty, 700 to 1000k. And so, I need for you to export them out as a web png which often uses only the mandatory info to display it on the web, 25 to 100k. You need to use them as transparent images, but like msliem said, they are not supported in IE6, and IE7 needs various css settings in comparison with Firefox does. Does that very clear it up in your case

That’s because fireworks outlets its file structure data inside PNG comments part. As long seeing that they’re exported properly, that won’t be an issue. Yes, the only main concern is that IE will have PNG hacks : although thats often one javascript file at a distance.

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