Advice on how to build a specific type of website.

Hi guys,

I recently started up an online site and I’m trying to create something akin to this site:

http: //myanimelist. net/

That is definitely, I’m attempting to create a site by using similar features.
-User Profiles w/ customization

I have little to not any experience so its safe to speak about I’m a total noob. IF anyone has tips or assistance on how I would even start something similar to this It would much appreciated. Formerly suffering with tinnitus trying out amenable source stuff including Joomla but also that I’m uncertain how to configure to suit my needs.

Gives thanks!

So looking to setup any forum Online group

What you’re asking for is something that could be nearly unattainable to completely explain here in the forums.

But if you provide specifics with regards to what you making the effort to do…

There are tons of premade screenplays… Many hosting companies have installers for most of them… But you gotta kinda know what you need… Not really famiar together with joomla, but understand these have a pretty huge learning curve pertaining to inexperienced users…

WordPress is pretty basic, don’t think it’s a forum tool, but you may always load Squidoo for general stuff, and myphp discussion boards ( or almost every other php forum ) to the same domain.

Type specifics do you would like The website I related to is about what I’m aiming for regarding features. It is just not a blog, or anything remotely same and I don’t would like to use WordPress as a result. I’m trying to put together something where users can register, create their profiles, customize them, add database items to personal lists and now have forums.

Now i’m being hosted with iPage if thats any help.

Gives thanks!

Thats a little forum…

FYI… WordPress was just a blogging platform in the past, not anymore.

Have no idea of about iPage. Perhaps they get some forum software pre-installers so that you can use. Each forum differs from the others in how the admin sections job, but they are all pretty much the same thing in how clients use then.

Hi wait… This can be a forum.

But it is not just a forum The forum is section of it, but user profiles and the database, in this particular case anime, will be the bigger focus.

Heres generally there forum, looks including custom work
http: //myanimelist. net/forum/

But listed below are examples of user profiles and data source entries
http: //myanimelist. net/profile/camelkid11
Databases entry
http: //myanimelist. net/anime/665/JoJos_Bizarre_Adventure_(2000)
List that you can create and remove entries
http: //myanimelist. net/animelist/camelkid11

I may be wrong but this doesn’t appear to be just a community forum.

And I can be mistaken about Wetpaint, if something in this way is easily executed with WordPress then go ahead and tell me.

You got it, still just a new forum, all that stuff is merely part of your package. Some of the forum programs own all that plus much more built into these. Looks like that particular one could be a custom create. Or they paid to consider the credit from whatever they are employing

Alright, the a forum in that case. Are there any open source forum builds that are fitted with the abilities to add these kind of features
My own host has these forum scripts out there, but you implement your own if you want.
Basic Machines Forum
Vanilla Forums

And of course I still include Joomla + Group Builder installed though I’m undecided that’ll let myself do what I’m trying to do.

Simply no answer

Which of your above listed forums brand-new tried or researched To check out if they’re going to do what you would like them to do

I went through them all to see exactly how they stacked up against each other. I think out of them all I liked Vanilla Forums the most beneficial but none of which really had any sort of way (that I saw) to accomplish what I wanted. If I installed it into the mian page the main page could be the forums, yet if i install it that will mydomain/forums I’d must create a home-page myself that directs into the forums right But then how would I make the login system help it

As well, the main focus in the site is not the very forums but rather the profiles and much more specifically the ability for users to make lists by adding entries through the sites database. I’ve been served over tutorials however have yet to look for any way to get this done.

List regarding

Feels like a custom mod.

Loathesome, that probably means it will likely be difficult to accomplish right

I’ll keep trying in the meantime but it seems I would have to hire a specialist eventually.

List of

Varies according to what you wanting to pull from that DB

Is seen as a simple query

Nicely, kinda like this particular.

Each user has a profile, and a new corresponding list that may be under their profile (as in independent page) ie. domain/user/profile after which domain/user/profile/list.

What I’m trying to create specifically is often a videogame database which in turn each individual game having unique entry/page. User can check out each page and also the contents thereof (various specifics of each title) and also " add with their list" which would add the title (linked to its page) with their individual list.

I guess you could kind of evaluate it to a great excel spreadsheet.

Uncertain if that disappeared exactly what I’m trying to do but thats the most beneficial I can summarize my general aim.

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