Am I crazy? How much should I charge?

Is definitely putting 30-40 hours in to a 10 page website a lot of I’ve been told that we take too long while using coding, but My organization is a stickler regarding detail and Let me edit everything to the last pixel, and Let me cross-browser test till everything is best. Bottom line, I try and think of myself because the client and precisely what would I end up being happy with- an economical, sloppy design or a expensive, professional pattern Naturally, I are likely to gravitate towards obtaining extra, because I know ultimately it will demand less updating, less fixing. But, the people I work with will email me every day inquiring about the project status of course , if I take more than a couple days (I function 6 hour days), they start forcing me and telling me You want to speed up just for them to send something on the client.

And also this 30-40 hours is for going out of PSD to HTML- stuffed with content and almost everything. In other words, when I’m executed, the site is prepared live. Is that too much effort I just want to make sure I’m not charging they want for my do the job, or too a lot. Currently I run, rush, rush to have the work accomplished and I’m never very happy with the end item. As a end result, I’m generally asked to produce half a trillion changes that could have been avoided if I had just put in the few extra a long time initially. Plus, I’m getting consumed with stress because I experience uncomfortable working within such constraints. Personally i think like asking for any finished site in under 12 hours is totally nuts. I’d feel a lot better knowing that putting in 40 hours isn’t unusual for some sort of project- my worry levels would go down and I’d be a lot more productive.

Here i will discuss the deal….
There really shouldn’t be any intent to make a physical website with 10 web pages.
Always be making one or maybe two PSD/HTML templates which might be used for
the scripts to dynamically render numerous pages as they demand. The
content on most pages is stored in a very database, and they’ve got the ability
that will add/edit/delete the content.

That’s what CMS (content supervision system) is.
The main reason many are now employing WordPress or Joomla for
their sites happens because the development is virtually already done.
The job is in that theme design… your templates, the plug-ins.

I recognize very little in relation to photoshop, or graphic design as an example,
consequently I can’t express what the image part takes, even so the development side
could possibly take 16 working hours easily… it will depend on the features needed.

It sounds like you may have a situation where you do the graphics,
and another individual (you hire) will the scripting, PHP, MySQL, JQuery, AJAX, and so forth.

I agree with the fact and disagree together with mlseim. I think CMSes in addition to templates are a reason people use to receive lazy with design and style work. You will want to use them to eliminate redundant coding do the job, but you should certainly spending effort within designing each unique page on the site to be organized beautifully. 30-40 hours isn’t too much effort for a 15 page site, but when you are spending 3/4 of their recoding the very same **** in HTML, you’re wasting your energy.

FYI, I once got my team fit 300+ hours right 10 page web-site for FedEx. The total bill came in order to around $20k. Even so the site was brilliant.

Sites are like different watches. A CMS is compared to a robot that can stamp out $10 watches available for you with virtually no effort from anyone, and you could sell cheap CMS websites like hotcakes. Or you should utilize that robot to stamp out areas and hand-assemble some sort of Rolex for 1000x the cost. Neither is correct or wrong…. it’s a question of what type of product you want to deliver and which business you prefer to run. But regardless of whether you’re making Rolexes, you aren’t going to hand-make the particular gears. Thus, it is recommended to use a CMS throughout web development.

Hi mlseim- thanks for the response. I don’t overcome any databasing in any way. I use PHP includes to prepare the site and ensure it is faster to place, but that’s as much as I go along with my PHP. I don’t generate any of my own , personal PHP (as I do not know how to accomplish that), I don’t understand how to manage a data source… I am totally a designer. My boss can come to me along with say, " Bill Smith wants us all to redesign her website. This is what he’s in search of. Can you result in a mock-up please" Plus about 5 working hours later, I use a single. jpg mock-up wanting to show the purchaser. Once the design has become approved by you, I am in that case asked to just do it– code the mock-up in addition to add the content material.

A lot of my projects are usually divided into 5 parts: header, course-plotting, body/content and footer. Each of those might take me anywhere from 2-3 hours because I need to test in addition to retest and retest again to guarantee the design works in all browsers. If getting older, I need to debug and find out why. Then You want to find hackers for IE, I have to be sure my design works in most resolutions.. so while an " Concerning Me" page might resemble it’s only a couple of paragraphs and perhaps a couple pictures, the execution does take some time.

I don’t utilize a CMS, both. I know easy methods to, I have a pile of experience- I’ve just never been asked to make use of one. Basically what I’m doing is certainly going in and hard-coding everything manually from scratch. No Dreamweaver or anything of that ranking. Just Photoshop, Notepad plus my browser.

smosely: Not any, I don’t recode the same stuff. That’s the place that the PHP includes consist of handy. I have only to design that header, navigation and footer one time and that’s that. The majority regarding my time also comes in designing each page like " About Me", " Call Me" (it’s usually the one PHP script We have ever written plus it was done prohibited when I has been young and driven, haha), Product listings/descriptions, picture galleries, etc. Each page is required to be designed individually, the content outlined and customized for every page. An " About" page will not only have the same layout for a photo gallery article, the contact page defintely won’t be laid out like the product entries page, etc.

I guess that, irrespective of many pages a site may have, I’m just interested if it’s unrealistic for it to cost 2-3 hours upon each page. I’ve been accomplishing some research and a growing number of I’m finding the fact that answer is absolutely no, it’s not unrealistic and it’s virtually standard when building sites for small establishments.

Server-side includes === CMS. For just a simple site, that will have the desired effect. Sounds like you’re doing the job right. Your boss could be getting frustrated for the reason that you’re doing too good of any job on a merchandise that he’s promoting too cheaply. Have you considered that you could be working to get a company that provides different design character than you post. e. you would like to make Rolexes as well as your boss wants to market Seikos

That’s what POST fear- I concept of how much they are charging these customers per design, or when the client’s have simply decided pay by that hour. I know I’m helpful to what I do because I pay attention to detail and I realize that if I’m dissatisfied with my function, the client defintely won’t be satisfied- I was a stickler to get perfection basically. I fear that I might be charging too much and it is not able to earn any profit with the company and I am going to ultimately be let it go.

Sure, I have considered work elsewhere, however is not right yet. My portfolio is extremely limited- I have tons and plenty of personal experience nonetheless little-to-no professional practical knowledge, and that’s exactly what this job has been doing for me today, it’s giving me personally that professional experience Let me need as a way to move onto an improved job. I usually have been telling myself I defintely won’t be with these men forever. Just long enough to build up a reasonable looking portfolio.

Steven, Good points about the cookie-cutter CMS methods.
Not being graphic designer, I guess I don’t put much work into design.

Is it possible to see one on the sites you’ve done recently Maybe a graphics person about WDF
might have a greater idea of times it takes to do a few of the photoshop stuff.

Completely: http: //www. 419design. net/sandbox/GreenHarborBait/Feb16-2012/

This is the design I’m currently focusing on that’s causing me a lot of stress. Their current site is located at http: //www. greenharborbait. com.

This design is certainly about 17-20 web sites. You have each and every individual page (such while about, contact, instructions, etc., of which there are 17 of individuals. Then you contain the header, the course-plotting menu, the CSS, and so forth. )

The part that is certainly taking up many my time may be the " products" part. I have taking everything from right here (http: //greenharborbait. com/products. html) plus implement it towards my design. The form from the original layout is probably so bad. I concept of how to lay out this content material. And I’m already 7 days behind on this particular.

I, actually…. the Illustrator part doesn’t bother me. I know I can get my perform done in Photoshop in the time frame they need. The part i struggle with is each of the coding. It takes me too long and I’m merely curious as to if or not that’s standard in the industry. Each page you observe (About, Contact, Gallery, and so forth. ) each of them page took at any place from 2-3 hrs. I know that thinking about it, it looks really simple and appears it shouldn’t have got taken much occasion, but what you are seeing is only the results. I spent a lot time arranging elements, playing with colors, playing with fonts, and so forth.

Certainly looks a lot better than the authentic site!
Maybe the merely way to leave the products page issue is to use a white-colored background
similar to they used. At least those item shots won’t stick out too much. The problem is definitely,
I don’t think the background throughout those photos are generall

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