Any Image Libraries Where images Can Be Used for Logos?

Is there any image libraries that let you use the photographs for logos

I’m after an impression of water droplets (one logo) as well as horses (another logo) nonetheless image libraries for example istockphoto have a clause inside small print declaring their images can not be used for trademarks.

Is there any beneficial free software for creating logos

GIMP is really a powerful graphics course, and it’s cost-free.

Many thanks George Dolidze – will check it out.

For logo design you should be drawing vector art work, which maybe you can apply in GIMP. But as GIMP is really a sort of Illustrator, Incscape is a almost illustrator. I’ve never made use of it myself women and men stuff people have got achieved is rather imba! They also are affiliated using the open clip paintings library where you could be able to get some cool images.

Ooh, I’ve never seen inkscape..

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