Any one an FTP guru?

After trawling through a great deal of other forums I’m yet to find an answer that will my problem, hopefully u guys can help me out (apologies to the long post)…

I’ve created a website for an associate which allows him to update a subscriber base himself by ftping textfiles on the webserver. I set the following up from my location and it works fine. I then fixed it up in his location using ws_ftp and it initially worked fine but then it stopped doing work, I got him to change the particular ftp type that will non-passive transfers plus it worked OK for a little bit until the intended for stopped allowing non-passive transactions.

Relating to now changed the item to cuteFTP but still you can find problems, I have narrowed this into a very precise yet very odd situation which will not work…

Site A (associates place) — Can ftp to help other webhosts no problem, any files every size. Can file transfer protocol files to necessary host upto your size of 1. 5Kb beyond that this files do not transfer along with the session times out there. All we are usually uploading is. txt files and outside 40ish files in relation to 5 wont upload (same 5 everytime all the files over ONE. 5kb)

Site B (my place) — can ftp identically files to identically server without challenge. All settings are the same

Really struggling for help cause webhost denies duty cause it performs from other destinations, Site A denies respobsibility induce it works for you to other webhosts!

I highly recommend you help!

Can you exclude local servers, firewalls, as well as bandwidth limits plus access

Have you ping’d the FTP location

Commence > Run > variety ping ipdestination

through both locations

How are you affected if you attempt access the FTP from IE

Sorry to start an old submit, but I am having this also problem – was the cause ever found

The thing I might suggest is that the 5 files could possibly be corrupted and not really overwriteable. I’ve observed this happen just before. When you rename the particular files to something that’s not on the host already, can anyone upload them

As an alternative to FTP, perhaps you can use PHP to permit him to upload the files.

Actually, what are the particular. txt files
Perhaps he should use Excel. Change the. xls to be able to. csv and publish that file. And also, maybe use Google Docs (which is definitely totally free). Maintain the Surpass (database) file online Docs and them automatically embeds into your internet site.

Consider other ways in addition FTP. Other ways may perhaps be 10 times easier to your associate, more safe and sound, and he would have the ability to do it everywhere, on any LAPTOP OR COMPUTER… even an ipod device or iphone.

Maybe not even have an " upload". He logs right into a page, and your list is dynamically exhibited. Using AJAX, they adds/edits/deletes and movements things around utilizing drag and move. Clicks " save", as well as the list is up to date. FTP seems very " clunky" to my advice.


GUYS, it’s someone otherwise bumping it 8 years later

chelsea, please start your special thread.

Yep, but it furthermore was unresolved. That’s how I noticed it.

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