anybody know best search engine except Lucene ?

Hi All,

Currently i need to make seek function for a good website, which has above 5, 000, 000 rows.
anybody know best optimization except Lucene and easy to discovered and used and in addition can do stay indexing when innovative data is injected.
because i have lackness in Espresso, so may be i need to avoid Lucene. But if there is good tutorial how to used Lucene, may be i can switch my mind… Thx

You are able to embed Google search in your site.

A different (commercial) product Truly used is SiteSearchPro

Based on the data and what it is that’s being searched for, a DIY solution could be in order as well. If you can certainly pull one off, it generally will work out better for you just because you are able to better tailor both the searches (categories, and so on. ) and the results to meet ones customer needs. I do this a lot with sites.

Hence GAME,

Am I proper in assuming you are able to code spiders Just a piece of info I might have to know.

I’ve been known to complete it the unusual time. I actually make use of a version of just one on Strike Spots for most of the Pro Shop goods… I extract that pictures from a strong advertiser’s site in addition to drop them into by myself.

I probably didn’t make myself clear where what I was looking at, though. What I became actually referring to was pc hardware training that was tailored into the site and draws coming from a database. A simple example can be on http: //www. libreriapandevida. com/ (where I learned a lot of the fractured kindergarten Spanish I know). For the left, there’s pc hardware training box with a few different search styles, depending on what the buyer wants.

That’s what I became referring to… a customized seek form specifically geared with the site’s content. As I do construct spiders, they’re usually site-specific rather than meant for claim a Google-esque functioning.

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