Anyone ever design an online shop? Advice please….

Hello everyone,

I have been previously asked to create an internet shop and your client wants it to get easy to create in order that they are insisting in WordPress. I found a plug-in which could create the data source of products and she hopes to use PayPal consequently that’s sorted. Our question is, has anyone designed a shop with WordPress Could you recommend using WP as opposed to Dreamweaver Also, I’ve told the customer that we also need to get an SSL certificates for safe purchasing.

I don’t want to generate promises I won’t be able to keep because I are not aware of all the rules. Thanks in advance for virtually any advice.

Firstly my friend, Dreamweaver and wordpress are not the same tools. Dreamweaver is usually a (*cou–deconstructive–gh*) designing tool to generate websites.
Wordpress is usually a content management procedure, it helps clients update the site whenever they want minus the need for a webDev getting needed. It is furthermore mainly a Blogging tool rather than an e-commerce look.

Personally I dont utilize wordpress (just too lazy at this time to learn it) WHEN I do however use Joomla with a cart extention on it to try and do e-commerce. I’m currently designing an affiliate site that implement’s akin to what you are trying to achieve.

I suggest telling we that Joomla would have been a better more effective choice to design and maintain the positioning.

Thanks for the advice. Is Joomla easy to find out I’ve only ever worked with Dreamweaver and Hubpages. Can you work with a shopping cart with Joomla I’m certain using PayPal isn’t an issue. I’m just wondering if I’ll possess the time to learn a new skill and put into action it without an excessive amount of a mastering curve

Bless you.

Personally indeed, Joomla is extremely easy to master. I learnt it in a very weekend.

There is a module called Virtuemart that supports paypal, a credit card, moneybookers etc. and its quite simple to implement =)

Would you like a hand pm us and ill view what tuts i will find for people =)

Bless you a mil! Alright, will hunker right down to learn Joomla the following weekend and PM you if i run into difficulties.

Bless you again!

Your current welcome Alanna, any moment.

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