Anyone Familiar with GIMP?

Hi there Everyone,

I recently downloaded Gimp, it can be like photoshop exclusively free, and I created a website template based for a tutorial I deemed. My problem is I tend not to understand how I go from something I created in Gimp to your functional website. Does anyone own any knowledge for this subject I will appreciate any assistance or pointers. With thanks!

The attached file is surely an. xcf extension using the template I created in buying it.

I think a good place to start would be with a Gimp forum.

in case you made an picture template in GIMP that’s all its – an impression file.
You should make the site using HTML, PHP, CSS, or anything else.

My Grandpa uses GIMP. He prefers it. So my personal question is, are you just attempting to insert a individual image into your blog Because the document you downloaded is not really a jpg or even bmp file that is certainly a image file Please well then , i’ll know exactly what you want to do and Let me try my best that may help you.

You can simply save as jpg in your images folder and load it on aimed at your website.

There you…

http: //gimp4you. blogger. com/2008/05/14/guillotine-the-gimp-way-to-slice-images/

A write-up that explains slicing in Gimp.

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