Anyone Hear Of Citrus Pixel?

MY SPOUSE AND I may pull this trigger and go with these guys. Great attitude and enthusiasm that is certainly a requirement. Let me require First Category Animation. Can everyone provide any input or advice

Bless you Everyone!

You’ve provided no details about the project or maybe purpose or concrete floor goal. No individual profile or concentrate on customer in view. No evidence. Not any test. No subject.

Does this possibly have anything related to the web

You say attitude and enthusiasm is usually a requirement And they have got it Okay… I really couldn’t guess what to say to of which. Has anyone noticed they, what… Are not enthused

Get. Be enthused — excellent and hard.

For all else, read: Never Get Interested in a Land Warfare in Asia (or develop a website for absolutely no reason)

Hi myfailingliver – this is WDF.

Investigating their portfolio the previous projects they have worked on look pretty good. Great design function. Not a huge fan from the all-flash site, but other than that they seem to be pretty decent.

Could you provide some information on the project, or were you just after info concerning the design company.

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