AP Studio Art?

Hi there,

Can there be anybody out right now there with any experience in AP Studio Art More mainly, 2D Design My business is wondering if my experience in artwork design and net development would guide me along as. Do you believe that it is a good time period investment

Just to show a little my current skill level, here are 2 versions of the web site I’ve been working on for any company (note: they are uncompleted and for some of them, the graphics optimization are still being worked on so most of the images may appear a tad fuzzy and value unclear):

Primary, website form: http: //homepage. mac pc. com/olsonweb/umbongo/

Subsequent, image form (did your HTML but haven’t hosted it yet): http: //img35. imageshack. us/img35/6118/home63ns. jpg

I recently graduated, and MY PARTNER AND I took art 12 regular.

I do think ap studio art is going pure art. Any technical know-how like html and also css wouldn’t be very beneficial. As well, website design and design in general is about commercialism, selling your client’s products or services. Highschool art courses focus more about art that evokes emotion in lieu of " design", although I’m definitely not certain if it is a case with ap business art.

There are actually 3 courses around AP Studio fine art: Drawing, 2d Style and design, and 3d Pattern. I’ve been exploring through AP’s descriptions (http: //www. collegeboard. com/student/testing/ap/sub_studioart. htmlstudioart look at the pdf file) and yes it seems that maybe it’s pretty much anything related to 2d design. Even composed companies identity has been mentioned. Has anyone the following taken this course When you have, could you confirm/deny that web development skills would assistance

p. verts. I have additionally taken some drawing classes/ accustomed to really be serious about learning art usually so I’m not completely horrid on that either.

A different question: do you consider my knowledge regarding HTML and CSS would assistance in the computer technology AP course By which you learn java.

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