Apache ?? 404 ??

hoe can one have every 404 error redirect to a certain URL (not a file in the identical directory as this referral)


WHat would you like to do

Redirect whenever a 404 error takes place


Work with ErrorDocument and placed some redirect program code on that page!

hmmm, i’ll try that, i believe i know what exactly u mean

this is what i have regarding my error handle:

# 1) ordinary text
ErrorDocument 500 " Error 700 - The node made a boo boo.
# n. b. the individual leading (" ) marks it as wording, it does certainly not get output
# 2) local redirects
ErrorDocument 404 urlhttp: //LOCALHOST/404. php/url
# to redirect to regional URL /missing. html page
#ErrorDocument 404 /cgi-bin/missing_handler. pl
# N. B.: You can redirect to a script or your document using server-side-includes.
# 3) external redirects
ErrorDocument 402 " Error 402 - Messed " up ", sorry
# N. B.: Many of the actual environment variables of this particular original
# request will certainly *not* be designed for such a script.

is there anything wrong for it cos when i visit an invalid LINK it gives this error inside browser:

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