Are Flash sites worth the flashy?

Artistically flash sites look so great and are very rewarding on the designer but
is he or she really worth the idea, is it better to guarantee the site can be loaded quickly with good search results code

This is the completely testable proposition — and has become tested again…. along with again… and yet again. Flash, in began seeing it is more often than not used, lowers resolution, makes users give, and is quite as annoying to anyone as it is rewarding towards Flasher.

Could Flash be included in a different approach, with far much better results Yes — but it surely is so alien into the way designers assume, it might in the process be impossible.

There exists a Flash usability site (and SEO workarounds, as well as an Adobe accessibility kit page). They couldn’t become more invisible and repugnant towards the Flasher it that were encrypted along with put behind a firewall.

This will depend…. its absolutely stupid to set-up a flash-only web page, as all the individuals without flash cant accessibility it. If people insist on using flash, you need to make a html-only version, which still has still content.

Professionally, I don’t see the point inside flash anymore. Its an unnecessary bulk on the website. Javascript can pretty do offerings, plus more.

If it really should not be done in Flash, don’t do the item in Javascript.

In the event that Flash has leaped amazingly the shark, and then don’t jump this shark with mootools and also jquery.

this will depend. Some people build websites for image and reputation – more being a front – a few might like/need it. For you – else – maybe a tiny bit of flash or js to add spice to pieces of as well as

My direct reply about adobe flash:
It not contain any SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION value for google search.

One thing that Flashers have trumpeted is search engines realize ways to index chart the Flash thing.

The downside may be a whole site built as you large Flash object indexes as one page, where individual pages are sometimes optimized for distinct keywords.

All over again, Adobe released your accessibility kit to address this. Few of the SEO critics realize this. Fewer folks that develop sites by using Flash know this specific.

Thanks guys and then for the pointers to people great sites

Though Flash " sites" can be passe, Flash as a web medium still includes a purpose, just seeing that images, video, or other media possess a purpose..

consider – the different FireFox Version is going to majorly hurt Pen Sites, it might render them useless simply because they may not exhibit as intended.

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