are sliced photoshoped web sites search friendly

I became told you need h1 tags and fair bit of headers sentences and content on the page.

My problem is definitely my site is sliced in photshop and developed in tables. Does that allow it to be worse for seo

as well, is there a method to slice your illustrator layouts and bring them into dreamweaver in many ways where you may have headings and all that good material. May be the stupid question

Do you’ve kept the original unsliced Photoshop image That would be your place. From there, you are able to start to construct the website in html and css while using the Photoshop document for a reference for this layout and colours, etc..
You don’t have to use the slices as created by Photoshop for the entire site – it is possible to to slice out aspects of the Photoshop graphic and use them on the site. e. g.: Art logos, buttons, backgrounds, and so on…

You’ll be able to do this. For instance, if you use a logo you would like to slice out you can just click the eyes in making all the layers you do not need invisible, then decide on the layer and also layers that’s still left (your logo) along with either go immediately to " Help you save for web and devices" and spend less the image, or you are able to group the levels and choose " produce new layer-based slcie" after which do the " help you save for web and devices" thing.

If you choose the firat system, you will undoubtedly ought to clean up along with crop the photograph you saved. Begin using the second method, Photoshop will produce a folder and save every one of the slices into it – you are able to go into this folder and delete every one of the ones you really don’t want.

Lets hope this helped… there is far more to it and it is best to find some great tutorials online, like From Photoshop in order to HTML BolducPress, a web site design blog

You are able to easily edit the photoshop exporting building to CSS besides tables. Go to slice options and also you see ”generate css” there.
But you will need to clean it many out and allow it to be ”good”. That isnt really lots of work and you may have a good site.

Absolutely, coding your internet site from scratch is better, but Photoshop software isnt bad, unless exported to conference tables.

yes you actually eant to placed text in there as google will not know hoe that will index your images. Each image need to be named as clos in your sites keywords as it can be – also yuo should use your alternative text properties so that the major search engines can associate thos graphics with text. mix and match – make sure you have page titles along with a description meta.

Image placeholders those benefit SEO

My business is having this difficulty where I make an effort to insert some advertising, and it tends to make the sliced images go askew…
appear here:
http: //i52. tinypic. com/2lntjsl. jpg

Sorry for wondering a question against your thread, but I am prohibited to yet as I don’t have 25 posts..

Convert your layout in order to CSS. Nn the particular div where people placed the marketing, place in this stylesheet: overflow: crash;
This should repair it which results your scrollbar.
But I suggest making your advertising smaller then the scale of your div.

I really could have sworn I did make it smaller/. Once i preview the SWF file it results as about 1/4 of the size of that SWF placeholder in this image: -o

Make an effort to use the scrollbar (overflow: crash; in CSS) as well as this if oughout use tables:
How to Add ScrollBar Surrounding the Table in WEB CODING

thanks chap


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