argg IE6, excess space on right side problem

Fine, so a consumer of mine ordered a WordPress concept, and made quite a few adjustments to it, but wanted me to make some further adjustments, and also to locate issues and mend them.
In IE6 there’s a bunch of excess space towards the right, which I can’t get rid of, and it helps make the width belonging to the whole page inconsistent.
I’ve seen a dilemma like this crop up in IE6 during the past, and it’s always been an easy fix before.
But for some reason this time, I can’t get rid of the extra space for the right.
Patient so good with making things bode well even in IE6, so I’m feeling a bit silly right that really I can’t solve this matter. I can besides that things normally won’t look seeing that good in IE6 since other browsers, but they shouldn’t be totally fugly.
Therefore… anyone have any clue as far as how to remedy a repair (just the excess space towards right, the excess space for the top is actually there for the reason)

Testing**Just a further WordPress site.

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