Art or Web Design?

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hi we are new here.. We are posting this Thread just for getting some criminal court opinion,,,

An ongoing client peddling some art supplies can be insisting the website itself must be " avant-garde, a work of art, " and is definitely throwing out almost all usability and design standards (like map-reading bars/menus, header/footer, etc) merely all around health deal with " paintings. "

I would be the first to admit I’ve much to understand design still : so I welcome this sort of challenges and try to learn from these. I am acquiring discussions with the woman about keeping her audience in mind, etc.

Any advice/talking points/links to read from the trenches I make an effort to stay current at blogs like ALA or Smashing, but want some real globe info.

Thank you.
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Intended for showing their art… their idea will be great.
Intended for selling something… their particular idea is terrible.

Their goal like a business is for making money.
As long as they want to sell off items online, they should give
the buyers a great way to look for what they really want, and
to do the transaction as painless as they can.

If you are planning on doing what they need, get everything written.
You do not want to get tied to having to start throughout again
and not generate money to start all over again. I feel they’re setting up a bad choice.

I think a vey important thing you should keep in mind is the zeroed in on audience. The site you are attempting to build should be SEO friendly which means you should check these items out carefully otherwise your website should not catch the maximum amount of attention from the audience as it would catch if it would SEO friendly.

The crucial is target target audience. Usibility and SEO ought to be features of your website. It should possibly be easy for people to navigate, plus they should feel ‘at home’ and now have a positive impression of your business. First impacts often do stay. For me, easily visit a company’s website and it is horrible, for instance it’s an outdated format, or the layout is horrible on the eyes or is merely not logical, then that’s the particular impression I get from the business. Rightly or wrongly that’s what sort of customer sees it. This is not a masterpiece of design. It’s a web site, and it should stay prefer that. Of course it should supply a sample of their art, but leave that to the art company. Your job is always to make a standards-complient site, which is user-friendly, realistic, sustained, SEO-friendly and satisfies the user’s needs generally. If you take action that way, the business is more prone to achieve its key function, which is obviously to make dollars. (usually).

A couple of points on websites addressing the art business:

A should never contain too much design. It ought to be simple, stark and position the focus on the photos of the artwork. Think of your museum. The walls are white, no colors popping out inside your face. The website ought to be like a art gallery.

A should follow all the rules of e-commerce style and design. It should display products in an interesting light, make it easy to buy them, and have a definitive call to action to get people to acquire, with compelling terminology and photos from the products in apply by happy consumers (people making art). The of a strong art store website might be avant garde, e. g. as if the shapes were decorated by Picasso as an alternative to Photoshop. I once made an internet site where the full thing was drawn on a paper, scanned, as well as sliced. Note that this of the design must not affect its. Evaluate cars – a Mercedes and also a Ferrari have very different, but they both have doors, seats, a steering wheel, and all exactly the same controls to develop vehicle. Your website can have whatever personality you need to give it providing it doesn’t remove away the basic controls.


Art and Web site design both are diverse.

Although Web Planning include creativeness but it isn’t a work regarding art. Customer wish your website only when it is aquiring a positive impression regarding business. It must meet the needs from the customer.

In addition, the design standards you was showing are un-isolated elements of your website. You cant even imagine an internet site . without them. You need to maintain the standard of your website.

Thank you. Have a wonderful time.

Web page designing. Just diverse to what features traditionally been regarded as art. Yes, it could be used flor enterprise, but also delight. Also, if something is required for business will that suddenly allow it to be not are I think not. It is really a creative process, and I consider that a variety of art.

We’d love a job that adheres to that, what they want is really a flash site but you will want something else underneath it (for non flash users), We’d keep the style really simple, marginal and intuitive, clean lines, don’t distract from the Art with the design, you should be looking to make something which would not draw attention to be able to itself.

Throwing out most of design conventions isn’t a choice, they are there to get a reason…. they operate. I would keep contact within the footer, along that has a site index. Get rid of traditional menus and match a visual routing which take you round as being a gallery but maintain navigation functional and intuitive especially else… Nothing worse than a site you receive lost in.

It’ll have to be db driven to allow them to update it. You could do almost all of the site as some sort of flash photo gallery together with some clean transitions as well as build the selection into it, Make the articles and navigation use up the same space and have interaction. Keep text to a complete minimum, maybe even employ a dropdown for skill descriptions.

All the best .

Web design remains to be considered as a great art. Well, a minimum of to my view. It is simply a complex form because you can still show yourself, however, there’s a limit as you will need to consider a wide range of things. From neatness, to the audience perception of the design, to the demands of the client. Unlike art, you can express yourself according to whatever you experience.

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