Auto adjust resolution…?

hello guys

how to set auto alter resolution on my website, so it fits on every resolution

when the width, not really height. Doesn’t matter if I can scroll up in addition to down…. just dont are interested to scroll kept and right about every resolution.

Awaiting an answer….

Thanks ahead


you no longer really so considerably adjust for resolution while you make a " Fruit juice Layout" use margins and padding for some of it along with confine elements well under possible so they move to adjust when the browser resizes or maybe dif size screens view coursesmart.

Thanks for the reply…

My organization is new to web design, so it could be helpful if you can try to explain more descriptive…..

Bless you again

We could probably help you out a lot more if you ever showed us among the layout you’re focusing on, but, in common, I try make use of percentage-widths rather compared to pixel-widths. If it’s really a simple design, that alone might remedy your problem. You would possibly try a wider of 80%, one example is, instead of some sort of width of 1024px. What’s important to note is the width of any images there’s a chance you’re using.

There are a lot of quirks you’ll encounter with divs (especially around different browsers) when it comes to padding and margins, which is probably what Dorky was trying to point out. If you want more specific aid, I’d be over happy to check it out.

what you is able to do to avoid the hassle of a liquid layout would be to have a content div down the middle of your screen this is a certain size, that most people are able to see fine. 800px wide is safe for everyone, but quite confining, so you may use 1024, ull only need to accept any vertical scrollbar intended for users with scaled-down screens (theres much less and less ones nowadays anyway).

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