AVI files in FireFox and Google Chrome

Hello there everyone, maybe you all may help me out. I’m doing a tutorial for some sort of class assignment and I’d prefer to include video clip embedded on a good HTML page. Not so difficult, I know. However I’m having resistance next time i want to see this HTML page using the video using both mentioned browsers. AVI files play okay in IE9, although not with the most recent versions of Firefox plus Chrome. The AVI file in question has been appropriately embedded in Dreamweaver. If anyone can perform an answer, I’d appreciate it. Or is there a better way I can make use of any of Adobe’s video editors (besides Press Encoder) to replace from one format to another Many thanks everyone.


The reason you are having an issues may be the avi format is stuck just using windows media player which can be by default stuck just using IE.

You could potentially probably define glass windows media player to experiment with avi files in those browsers, but then only somebody that has set it up properly should be able to view them.

It becomes better if anyone converted to swf videos so providing your flash player is determined to play both in browsers, it will participate in in anyone’s browser containing flash installed.

Do not know about adobes skills, but suspect seeing that they created expensive, they should use a video converter coming from avi to swf. Or even, there are a lot of free converters to get found.

Many are actually video files that are fitted with a SWF equal. However the problem usually when my training video is viewed inside SWF format, there’s numerous rectangular shaped anomalies within the region of our mouse cursor. I’ve never seen anything enjoy it myself, I guess that is definitely what I get for using a free 3rd celebration screen recorder. Regards though Webzarus, appreciate it.

Roe nailed that the fist time period, upload your video to some youtube account and it also will play all over the place.

but what if it’s really a school project that you should run as your local web support, and can’t see the internet during the demonstration ( Yes, the internet is not always readily available for your viewing joy )

besides, I don’t imagine the " lecturer ", wants them to how to use YouTube, but the right way to work around a known issue with browsers.

Pretty sure use of said it seemed to be local. Furthermore, embedding youtube is not really so different from with the object tag using Flash. (swfObject will also be implemented, but you is likely to disagree with that as well) Now I can suggest using Expensive and HTML5 online video media tags. I are going to be waiting for your current rebuttal Webzarus

Above is one among how you will typically embed video inside browser with HTML5. Along at the present we have some difficulties with proprietary codecs and also copyright laws which are causing us to use multiple video codecs and still should provide a Display fallback video player. I know it seems like much but it can be worth the work.

If you need to view the working example and test it on multiple browsers, click here
BTW: Safari doesn’t load the poster image with the video, it jumps for the first frame.
Their are programs to choose from you can get to convert the video to some other formats like. ogg along with Mp4 or. webm. Just visit http: //handbrake. fr/downloads. php.

Training assignment… You can infer what you look for from that.

I’m sure I already recommended swf files

Not only a rebuttal but I have actually taught lessons, and the point belonging to the assignment was not to obtain the generic " easy " way, but to logically break the matter down into the proper sections and resolve the individual issues, then make a solution and implement it therefore the end user should do nothing.

YouTube wonderful resource, but more and more businesses and university campuses are blocking having access to it from their networks. so if Myspace is blocked coming from his campus Exactly what is the solution

Getting that into thought, the blocking of youtube that’s, the last optioned made available might actually job. However, I wouldn’t want to suggest it at first; HTML5 video has all kinds of issues for those that are not viewing it on the handheld mobile system. Now I’ve analyzed it on the system, but who knows that the next user kept up to date their browser. In making matters worse, the entire world sound like hating Flash these days in spite that the it is one of the most dependable platform for viewing videos in desktops and easily transportable systems. After carrying out the math, youtube is just a viable option in the beginning. The fact that it’s being blocked puts a different spin on all this…

OMG fella’s regards for the replies. I did end up going with your YouTube option for some reasons. For 1, I made this video using a free screen recorder that could record to SWF formatting. Now, when I insert the SWF into your Flash file, anomalies inside the shape of rectangles surface around my mouse cursor when the video plays. Do not know how, but they do. I think it’s with the programming behind your screen recorder. Quantity two, Flash can not play AVI types. So if I needed to embed this right local HTML document, it will be over 50MB in filesize. This is usually a college class job BTW. YouTube isn’t really blocked from the university, nor there has to be anything prohibiting utilizing it. Thanks again individuals, I appreciate the item.

I start using a free converter (Digital Press Converter) to replace from AVI that will FLV, and next embed. Works great.

I just assumed used certainly one of adobe’s programs since we’ve master collection.

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