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WE uploaded my style to my website as I did my own links color improved (had black qualifications with gold lettering, as you scroll over it traveled to a dark blue detailes and red words and font size got bigger). Now only your home page has a new black background in addition to gold letters, but the links arn’t identical. and all additional pages its simply just basic white foundation and black font and also font size is different. I used Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 to generate the site and also am using godaddy’s web hosting and domain. What do i want to do to get my site returning to the way Relating to it on Dreamweaver

Have you been using an outer stylesheet
You’ll need to do a reset in the beginning of the stylesheet to help neutralize the browser’s default settings.

Is it possible to post a connection so we could see the value

i’m using certainly one of dreamweavers style bedding (2 colum fluid, side bar, header, footer). Missouri Leathernecks MC Site is the internet site clip0001. mp4 video by sT_DEVILDOG – Photobucket video clip of what its said to be. Do you would like me to post your entire website code per page

No – you don’t have to do that – I could look at your source and see what your challenge is.

You could have external CSS files linked which have been not in simple fact CSS files in any respect but are HTML PAGE files – age. g. on this Gallery page an individual have

< url href=" Gallery. css" rel=" stylesheet" type=" text/css" /> 

But once i open that file these have this

This is simply not even good HTML – It is best to look up CSS stylesheets along with how they perform – using one for that site should address your problem.

Enjoy, let us know how it works away, and if we are able to be of any help during the trip,

Alright. I figured it needed to be something in my own coding I screwed way up. This was the first website and now have never messed having HTML, CSS or any of the stuff. Guess I’ll visit read everything I will about html and CSS and look at again. Thanks with the input!

Glad to end up being of help – If you would like know where to get started with HTML and CSS you must check out w3schools for HTML for CSS. They will stroll you through from your start to the particular finish.

There are several other good course available online as well – just Search engines ’em.

Yet another way to learn is usually to find a site you enjoy (not too tricky, as you are generally just starting out) in addition to take apart your source code to determine how it operates.

If you get to a point where you’ll need more help : post again plus I’ll see what I could do.


Well i’ve returned for much more help. For my links along with is a random world main, when an individual press it’s reddish, and visited is usually purple on 4 of the pages, and for the guest book page all of the links are red-colored, but I have my color program code set to shiny green. I’ve tried a number of colors on almost all 3 styles around my css metal sheet, but it doesn’t change on the site. I’ve deleted along with re-uploaded my CSS linen to my hosting account often times with different shade combinations, but for you to no avail. just about any insight

Looking at your code WE see some wonky stuff – try this –
In your HTML, take out this separate classes per link – post. e. write it in this way

< div id=" menu" >
< a new href=" index. html" > Home< /a>
< a new href=" Gallery. html" > Gallery< /a>
< a new href=" famous rates. html" > Famous-Quotes< /a>
< a new href=" Guest Reserve. html" > Guest-Book< /a>
< a new href=" Contact Us all. html" > Contact-Us< /a>
< /div>

Then specify your links within the CSS like this particular:

#menu a new: link color: #somecolor; text-decoration: underline; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 17px;
#menu a new: visited color: #secondcolor; text-decoration: none of them; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 17px;
#menu a new: hover color: #thirdcolor; text-decoration: none of them; font-size: 18px;

Obviously you may substitute the hex codes with the colors.

a new: hover MUST arrive after a: link and also a: visited in the CSS definition so that you can be effective!!

As well, use a reset with the very beginning of your CSS, to over-ride the particular default browser doing you hair.
Give which a try and ok , i’ll know how it goes.

Re-coded the particular css and html links, and the item works great at this point! I didn’t have to use the CSS reset to get things to job either! Thank you for anyone your help, AlphaMare!

So glad I really could help – and so glad it previously worked!


can u produce the Html site and css with the.

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