Backgrounds not working?

MY SPOUSE AND I can’t ever learn how to make a qualifications in CSS it doesn’t matter what it never functions (even when pasted originating from a tutorial and stuff)…

Exactly how!

Err… planning to need more info, because if you’re just talking about using an picture or solid color for any background, it’s pretty hard to ruin.

Image inside CSS:
one example is

background-image: url(navi_bg_divider. png); 

Along with the image is in the same folder as being the CSS

Will it be one big image Or does this need repeats

I have got the repeats just about all sorted out. but I can’t even find the image to exhibit LOL.
root> images> this is where the image is
root> this is where the css report is

Adding images to somewhat of a CSS file… You must put the relative path for the location of the image pertaining to the CSS that is definitely calling it…

I always decide to put my CSS files in a very folder on the root called CSS… Images in a very folder on the root called img…

So my journey to any image I easily use in my CSS can be:.. /img/imagename. png

For yourself is should become:

url(images/navi_bg_divider. png);

eaither that or try along with your body tag throughout css background-image: url(.. /images/background. jpg);
remember when it comes to code..

.. / = absolute path
. / = family member path


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