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Hi all newbie here at web page design:

I plan on migrating several my clients websites to somewhat of a new host and wanted to find out the best way to do it. First I know I would have to backup the data/content from the website but are having trouble how to find the most efficient way to do it. Also I want to to know the procedure of migrating an internet site host. Would I should use a application like dreamweaver to make sure it is operating before uploading to the new host or maybe will it exercise automatically Any other input might help out thanks!

All depends on what kind of sites they are generally.

Should they are static HTML CODE, then you could just try a FTP program, pull a copy in the old host, push a copy towards new host.

Should they are database tempted sites, you’ll should backup the database, find out precisely what version of CMS, setup the brand new CMS, import the db in to the new site, transfer over any customized stuff, etc with all the FTP program.

Without knowing specifics, it’s hard to speak about, but those will be the 2 most popular scenarios. There’s about several more it could be.

Yeah for static sites, its pretty much as simple as copying your blog into a folder and re-uploading towards the new host.

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