Could it be reasonable for a client (the operator of playitagainkids. com) the culprit me if her other developer screwed something way up and I do not have backups
Or not
I do think it’s completely uncommon but I’m questioning what the benefits think
gives thanks.

In the best world, if the opposite designer was taking care of it after you are finished, they needs to have made a backup first.

Thus, I always preserve a backup just the summer months after Now i’m done – only for situations like this. I zip up the entire site, name it with the client, and keep it from a folder called " finished". That way if something such as this happens, I be able to look like a hero next time i fix it : and charge them regarding it.

Sounds like you’re having tons of problems with this kind of client: /

It’s possible that you’re at fault, but it’s possibly not an automatic.

I find something to help similar to Mare, except which i have my own dedicated box with three hard drives in it. Two advisors are RAID1 configured, and the third is really a drive that outlets the backups that come about every day from 2: 00 ARE. Something goes completely wrong, I just get back from backup and also off I choose.

Today, if a consumer is hosted in a different place, it’s on these to back equipment up, although I have a copy as well that sits in your neighborhood.

OK, good to recognise, so it’s possibly not my fault

Yes I know. But she’s the only client.

I’d a client prefer that once, at first. She was the only client way too. It was just after we acquired parted company (badly, unfortunately) which i realized I had spent much time on the woman petty crap that we had not been marketing my very own business! Once I became shed of the woman’s, I started to present more time for you to promoting my organization (local business development association meetings, Chamber regarding Commerce stuff, and so on. ) and in the near future I had multiple client.

My client list remains a bit small for my taste but every one too much easier to use, mainly because MY PARTNER AND I used her as being a learning experience and rewrote my full contract. And subsequently, about my Fourth of july or 5th clientele, I got a lawyer who sought some work performed (and he specializes operating law! ) – and he helped me out in that area to when I now sense fairly confident in regards to the contract and your protection it has to offer me.

Nicely I can’t ditch her: -(.

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