Balance and technologies

I have a good problem:
When building any webpage what a few pointer do to structure a page
i know about css as well as about useing tables and have been useing a lot of hybrids.
If i were to apply css what sort of positoning:
margins, absolutes or others
and a few pointer script for browsers that happen to be two old for javascript and css

well you know…
you should reduce the ‘e’ because after you change use in order to using, you drop the ‘e’…. lol

Don’t be afraid to think about other people’s type sheets.

WHEN I don’t mean to copy them, but examine their methods, maybe
use similar ideas for your own personel site.

You are able to view website style sheets by doing like this:
1) One you wish to see, (with Internet Explorer),
push " View", mouse because of " Source" and also click.
2) You will observe the HTML code for your webpage.
3) Examine the top collections… for the. css track that gets full.
Some sites may have the CSS while in the HTML file, some may have a
independent CSS file.
4) Copy this CSS filename in addition to insert it into your address line, throughout the
appropriate spot (so the road to the report is correct).
5) Your browser will likely then open their. css track.

You ought to learn by case in point… see what others do.

okay i’ll try which…

sounds like recommended… lol.

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