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POST currently use fatcow for my web hosting service. My current site was created from their web builder, I then paid a man $150 to allow it to become look a little better but it looks ok but I have been told that will these site builders are certainly not good for seo. I have listened to that wordpress sites are seo favorable. I am at present ranking good regarding 3 term with google.

I would like to create another web site to learn/ engage in with seo. I want it to appearance decent, can MY PARTNER AND I accomplish this together with wordpress, being i always have only caused a web designer before Is wordpress user-friendly for beginners

Any advice is considerably appreciated.
my current site is actually fun4alldfw. com
my new site shall be dfwbouncehouses. com

If you’re ranking well on your terms, then the work is done. That said, WordPress is about as user-friendly as a subject matter management system can be. There is a new learning curve, nonetheless it isn’t bad. Present wordpress. com a aim to play around along with that, since it really is free.

Why don’t we see, I’ve startup 4 wordpress sites, populated then along with content, applied another theme to each one and customized the actual menus and changed the graphics and stuff in one evening. And I’ve only done 1 different worpresss site quite a while ago. Read through the many help files, its documentation and aid files are fine. So yes, wordpress is easy to work with.

Such as Ronald said, if the site is rank… My only question would be is it rating in terms that visitors would use to get the site, or terms you are sure that work. I’ve explained to many that if the site can’t often be found with universal industry terms ( that is how people research ), ranking on the webpage name means nothing because should they knew the internet site name they wouldn’t be over a search engine, in case the business appoint is unique plenty of, that only helps people find you that know the name.

Most clients usually are extremely happy if they are often found on 2 -3 keyphrases, ‘until I explain to them in which just because they are often found on people terms… Try to assume how your prospective target market might try to find you or your products, ‘then don’t just focus on the obvious, but look regarding at leas 5-6 terms that may be smaller but appropriate, focus on driving then while others will come alongside. Some you may well not have even talked about.

btw.. In the 4 sites described, 3 are at googles page JUST ONE for shopping from my area I reside in, and the sites have only been live for about 15 days. The 4th web site is on site 2 of yahoo for shopping plus antiques.

So yes, wordpress is quite SEO friendly. Nonetheless content is all.

A web site builder in and also of itself just isn’t the SEO issue. Technically, WordPress is often a site builder… you build sites for it (as in you do… I wouldn’t touching that thing which has a 20-foot pole). The SEO issues result in most cases when bad website builders generate dysfunctional, bloated, bulky value… and most of these do. There are other issues for example file naming and (im)proper utilization of tags, but the bulky code is a big one.

So far as your idea is anxious of using two domains, are you visiting put distinctly different content for any distinctly different market with your second domain Or else, it’s a poor idea. You’ll have got to market two sites besides one, do the work on two sites instead of one, go in the hassles and costs related to two sites instead of one. Not good organization practice if it really is avoided. Sometimes it can’t (again, if the two sites tend to be distinctly different), nonetheless it should. I’m betting, however, that this may not be the case… the websites are too similar plus your statements about ranking suggest that you simply haven’t been taught the difference involving ranking and referral page views yet (see Webzarus’ explanation above to the. )

Thank you guys for ones info and information.

You will discover two reasons I want another site:
1) My current site only has 5 websites and need 8. I tried to help ad more for you to my existiong website, but 5 is all it will eventually show.

2) Currently this site only ranks well for any terms: bounce residence rental ellis state, bounce house local rental waxahachie, and rebound house rental midlothian.

I give a local service to help about 5 counties/30 locations. I want to help broaden the seek. Also I usually do not rank well for " waterslide procurment… " I desire to be ranked along with bounce house procurment " city".

Existing is doing well for my neighborhood county and two in the bigger cities, so I figured I’ll leave that just one alone and go into new one site on my own to learn seo and widen the scope of essential terms.

Your site shouldn’t be restricted by number of pages. You will be able to add as many pages since you want. It’s your site. If your web site editor is restricting you, then you require another site manager. As much while I can’t endure WordPress, even this doesn’t happen restrict you doing this.

So far as " ranks", you should have to define just what you mean. Do you mean " I see it set X for key phrases Y" Or do you mean " I’ll look in this site stats system and see word-of-mouth to my site for key phrases Y" The latter is one which really matters; the previous is meaningless.

In order to broaden the number of terms you could end up found under, then generally the simplest way to go about this is to include on your existing internet site, not to make a new one. A larger site will normally outperform two more compact ones, unless you can construct an entire site for ones target market that could be useful and get enough content that does necessarily fit a person’s primary site. I’ve done this kind of before exactly once for a site in the client’s target market and knocked the largest competitor away from business for half a year, but it is quite tricky (took me personally about nine many months myself to take that off).

SEO is not difficult to study, contrary to every one of the alchemists and junk scientists on the market and what they’ll let you know. Most of it pertains to good design…. whenever you can build something which is coded cleanly, effortless to navigate, and gives consumers original content that they want to understand, you’ve nailed with regards to 80-90% of it right there. Several of idiots to choose from who will tell you that you’ll require " backlinks" in addition to " links from high PR/. gov/. edu sites" or another BS like in which, but most connected with it becomes initiative healing.

Problems done it correct, you’ll know… all the WEBSITE POSITIONING wanna

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