Best Direct Ad Sales?

We are currently looking forever ways to generate profits from primarily my sites to support me keep up using the costs. I am currently trying out Komoona which seems like it could be promising. You set the price for 7 days then the advertisers have options to purchase them for a lengthier period. The money comes right to me through paypal but I have yet to make ad sales utilizing direct ads plus wasn’t sure precisely how well it function. s

So what on earth is your problem

Basically does selling directly work with smaller sites If that’s the case what are the right networks

I’m still not clear on what you’re asking – selling what directly What is your product

Special Ad sales. Advertisements on the webpage. I stated it in the topics title.

OK – I misunderstood – I thought you’re trying to offer something through lead ads. Sorry.

I used to be confused about the question too! In the web the posted question without any detail to put it into context provide about a few more answers.

Perhaps a little more detail, I’m sure several of opinions as soon as the question is definitely revealed.

That obvious answer is definitely adsense, but on the other hand I’m just guessing.

Correction, what’s adsense for 200 Alex.

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