Best ‘Find and Replace’ program for Win 7?

Greetings guys, I’m new to the present forum, I was curious about which program you have to find in addition to replace text in multiple HTML records. I’m now making use of Windows 7 as well as the several that POST tried are either difficult to work with, or crash with Win 7.

I used to use BK Replace’em after i was on EXP, but its successor, ‘Replace Text’, crashes in Windows 8 on my LAPTOP.

I am aware that Notepad++ (which I use for anyone my coding) features a ‘Replace in file’ command, but it merely gives me one particular line to key in the HTML I need to find in addition to replace, and won’t possibly accept pasted various lines properly from the ‘Replace’ field.

Normally I could well be selecting a couple of lines of HTML CODE and replacing them with a few lines, or vice versa. I can’t do either worth mentioning with any relieve in Notepad++.

Any help will be much appreciated, I’ve wasted a strong afternoon downloading and testing out different programs, with no success.

Any of the people programs will do the job, but you really need to set them to perform in " compatability mode"…

Right click on the application ICON or shortcut… select properties… try the various " startup" selections… You should be capable of select a setting that resembles WinXP…

MetaPad is an additional text editor that I’ve found in both XP as well as Win7, and allows for multi line " locate and replace "

Thank you Webzarus, I attempt that, I hadn’t considered it before.

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