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Hi Guys,

Just had an idea and thought I’d personally throw it out here for feedback. I’d like to spend my free time frame helping others be able to better their practices with issues for example semantic HTML and CSS, design approaches, marketing strategies, small business development, etc. Just wondering when you all think it is a hit or forget idea

I became thinking of either a chat room lecture community or a youtube . com series. Would anyone below follow and/or want to contribute some health of their lessons as properly Thanks!

Immediately after posting I saw the Articles part of this site… probably the best area for you to practice this I’m sure I’ll write a piece of text right away. Semantic HTML is very much a good fit for a start but I’m absolutely up for strategies.

I’ll enjoy reading your article – should it be HTML5 or additional general than we guess I’ll notice when it’s put up!

Awesome! I think these forums undoubtedly are a great place to start, we get lots of visitors, and many are new.

I think I’ll keep away from HTML5 as I don’t even write in the container entirely right now… until it gets the entire support it justifies it’s probably best to maintain my articles right down to 4. Perhaps I’ll do a pluses and minuses 4 vs 5 VARIOUS and what an individual can/should use article as a possible informational piece later on.

I will start these pretty shortly. Work just brought me in order to Australia, just landed yesteryear so I’m somewhat off schedule…. I’ll post specifics of the articles next time i get the very first one done in this thread.

Gives thanks for support! Hope to own one up inside the next few days.

With your HTML5 Shim, feel free to use most of the newest tags in pretty much any browser. You only can’t use canvas, audio tracks and video.

Truthfully, 5 is plenty like XHTML with some new tags. For instance, instead of gift wrapping your navigation in something such as: < div id=" nav" > < /div>, you are able to just do: < nav> < /nav>. It makes even more sense. Not to mention, with tags that actually describe what that they contain, you reduce how much specificity needed to pick out something in your CSS.

Formerly suffering with tinnitus using it only for about HUNTING FOR months now, and also I doubt I am going to ever use XHTML for a second time for anything.

Sorry, I should get said EXCLUSIVE utilization of HTML5 is certainly not preferred. It has become suggested by Adobe, and also W3C, that some functionality including but not limited to innovative input forms, brand-new block-level elements (ie: section/article), and others will not be recommended at the moment.

HTML5 offers many cool new capabilities with input fields but some of them (ie: sliders and/or number graphs) haven’t absolutely been integrated. The degradation will be the hardest part truly… while all up-to-date browsers fully support HTML5, it’s projected that almost all of internet users defintely won’t be up-to-date until the later part of 2012.

Briefly touching for the long-running section-article controversy… both tags think you are interpreted in numerous ways. Google has really stated they haven’t finalized a conclusion on how to crawl/interpret these tags around any differential in addition to meaningful way. The W3C has also stated the tags can be changed due that will confusion. So while developing and article/section layout will most likely not be detrimental later on as far as layout is concerned… I’d HATE for you to write a web log engine or any templates with the section/article convention to uncover I did the item backwards when that changes… reducing SEO points and needing to redo however quite a few projects were reliant on them.

There’s actually lots of reasons not make use of HTML5 exclusively. But it is not something to anxiety, persay… it just must be used with an amount of caution at present. Maybe I’ll strengthen my research with some confirming rates and links and do this article first as it really is a hot issue.

Probably extended than that. Windows XP is a long way from being retired as a possible OS, which means this IE7/8 will still retain a reasonable amount of dominance.

I’m personally positioning off for another year before I dive into 5.

http: //w3schools. com/html5/html5_form_input_types. asp
http: //w3schools. com/html5/html5_form_elements. asp
http: //w3schools. com/html5/html5_form_attributes. asp

Here are a few links forthose involving you currently employing HTML5; mainly the visitor support sections of every.

As well, I promise to post the beginning of my string shortly! Work’s got me tied because of the desk now but they are coming!

I’ve posted the best part to my Semantic Code article here:

http: //www. webdesignforums. net/thre… -semantic-code-p1-2-novice-to-advanced. 35866/

Expectation nobody minds this link… let my home know if I am being bad AM.

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