Best shirt store system for custom design/wordpress blog integration and/or seo?

greetings all,

wondered if any of you’ve experience integrating shirt stores (you know.. spreadshirt.. cafepress) into websites, or extra specifically wordpress information sites, or whether there seemed to be one which was tailored with this sort of thing

im not really planning to use their templates – i want youngster should be cut out the particular bits of php needed, put them where i’d like them and alter the file construction accordingly. Or, needless to say, if it’s the wordpress plugin – better yet.

im not a guru with php in any way in the good sense i cant profess youngster should be write programs from scratch, but we can do a 1 / 2 decent job involving copy/paste/redesigning

Have you tried Zazzle however

There is usually a WP plugin to get cafepress, it ought to be in the WP repository, I havent checked lately nevertheless it was there final time I checked.

Zazzle lets you create an account after which it you can set up a store as well as put products available for purchase. I have a preview they probably want you to only use its products, but have no idea for sure.

If you want to integrate something into your personal already existing web-site, I can only say seek out plugins for whatever CMS that you’re using.

This is not something I could attempt on my own , personal unless I experienced some decent PHP in addition to MySql skills, and also something similar (. ASP : I don’t know)

I am currently trying to learn to do this, as Relating to a close friend who currently includes an OsCommerce site nancy unhappy with as well as wants me to rework for your girlfriend. I won’t go on it on until I realize what I ‘m doing.

i have a unique request from any client to use one of these shirt stores. relating to ok php plus mysql knowledge. OSCommerce is probably the most customisable normal ecommerce platforms my spouse and i find though, youll become fine with this with v restrained php knowledge plus good html/css understanding

Unless Cafepress and also Spreadshirt offers an API much like Zazzle’s you may be out of beginners luck.

Ah ok – not even with Cafepress’s blogger plugin This seems perfect for my clients demands really. No beneficial

I was just looking into the Cafepress wordpress plugin produced by Wishads and it appears like what Zazzle does using API just them already looks really.

We were checking out:
http: //www. wishads. com/wordpress-plugins/cafepress_store/

We’d just download this particular plugin and install it into your own wordpress blog/site. It also offers the capability to edit CSS to help you to make it glimpse pretty.

(I havent’ tested it I simply googled for it)

Yep, that’s the one I had been talking about sooner, I just could not remember who made it.

http: //www. webdesignforums. net/pages/store/

Should you look at WDF’s t-shirt store they may be actually using a thing from Spreadshirt.

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