best template for a product review website

On earth do you suggest the best template you possibly can think of and also CMS for building a product review site Such as take

http: //www. pcmag. com/reviews
http: //www. pcworld. com/reviews. html

types of template should MY PARTNER AND I use

custom build (which post dont prefer with the cost and time)

I am of course not talking about this extensive and huge sites like around these examples however begin with a system that would approximately have the same functions or look as these.

Interested in suggestions. Thanks

1) when you are copying another site (or by using a template), your web site will lack one thing in originality, which unfortunately leads to a niche site failure.

2) I would custom-build it, ; however , again, I also provide a 11-year rule base of custom code we can draw from which most people do not.

It sounds like how to attract a type of Blog so try wordpress for that cms… i’ve been digging around Joomla extensions and also only really observed THIS (click the actual demo to view) using this search so im unsure Joomla will be any use in this instant… but it surely maybe.

Also there are countless templates out there on line for Joomla JUST ONE. 5 and JUST ONE. 6… You could always require a freelancer like myself to style a layout along with try integration *hint hint* (Joomla simply I’m afraid.. I dont know hubpages that well).

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