best way to create professional web backgrounds?

You want to create an online portfolio for this graphic design perform. I’m not one of the best at web work so We need to learn how to make a expert web background. I’ve always thought you were required to create one implementing dreamweaver. But I’ve truly recently seen a few work done with Photoshop.

What is the best way to set-up a great exploring background

Precisely what size should that be in pixels

Precisely what programs to use

Some other help would be very nice. Bless you.

It very much depends what you deserve. You could possess a large picture for a background image with regard to intance. The pixel size can differ, but standard due to this is about 1900×1200 and you can find reasonably complicated methods of implement them to suit all resolutions. at the. g. http: //g2geogeske. com/

If you prefer a background which tiles, then there are options you can easily download etc. If you wish to make your own then know about Photoshop’s offset sift. e. g. http: //www. dinpattern. com/

When searching for a gradient and also something, then either go with the large qualifications picture, or use CSS3 (though won’t work towards all browsers). Slight gradients using noise are quite popular. e. g. http: //css-tricks. com/examples/CSS3Gradient/

In order for you the most simple route to have a foundation image, then ensure all open qualifications edges fade out to your single solid colour, then set the background colour when that. Then put your background in CSS. This is an effective way in theory the way it will work upon all browsers probably the same. e. f. http: //ucnews. eu

Application wise though, gotta go with Photoshop!

Check out image libraries such as istockphoto or 123rf – great background photographs and very cheap. If you type in the word " seamless" you will additionally get background photographs that seamlessly duplicate, thus enabling you to have a smaller sized image file.

Sure photoshop is of great help
You can also make 1000×1000 pixels backgroud as well as apply gradient side effects for simple one particular.
Otherwise you should utilize glitter or several create images and put it to use to your backdrop page.

Well this will be a portfolio foundation for my style and design site so I’d like to make it look solid while keeping the world wide web functionality. I don’t desire the image to be so detailed that this web site will not load. So my personal further questions are

1) exactly what good file size to remain with when having a background image within photoshop

2) do you have ways to retain in my reference tips while creating the net background. For instance knowing where the page will fit into the design next time i upload it towards interenet Or will I can create it in that case keep tweaking this until it looks good inside the browser window

3) What is of the best ways to create control keys using photoshop It becomes nice kid use photoshop to create my header and nav bar, together with all of the actual major visual tasks of my page.

For example I sooo want to make a net portfolio that looks kinda such as examples from the following link.

world wide web portfolio examples

I see some people probably use a mix of things, but We’ve taken HTML classes and We are a designer so which includes a little help I can be lead inside right direction next time i need the support if anyone is up for that challenge. I will be very appreciative.

Thanks for the help so way.

Yes, with photoshop you may easily create buttons and also rollover buttons. To build button, you may pick rounded sq shape and attract it. Then it is possible to apply colors that will by double hitting that layer. after which it you can put text on it by employing " T" symbol tool through the tools.

While in the web portfolio examples, i observe that many have used consistency backgrounds. Align history always centralized. Keep its position scrolled while in the css.

Yes, i would help you do the same task.. istockphoto has a number of very cool backgrounds.

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