Best Way to Get a Clear Image of Website for Portfolio

Will be best way to getting a clear image of the completed website that include in portfolio pages

I currently showcase the page : press print filter – capture into Paint after which load into something like Fireworks.

The particular trouble is, this often allows me a considerably fuzzy edge about the words – especially while i reduce it down in size.

There are plugins for most browsers that will perform that for everyone.

Don’t insert into paint, when you save it out like a bitmap, it reduces how many actual pixels… ( that’s a little bitmap limitation ).

When you have fireworks, you can substance the screenprint right into there like a new image, save as being a jpg or png file. Then start fine-tuning the image size because of the size you need, the compression with jpg and png is greater.

Btw… When you save it like a jpg in fireworks, it defaults to below 100% quality, until you get it to the scale you want, you’ll probably decide to keep it at 100%, then for the final export ( not save ), export it out and you also can change the quality % in order to whatever. If you much below 70% youll decrease the quality, but most of times the image will pixelate at of which range. I make an effort to keep all exports above 70-75% plus they look decent.

Fireworks also has a batch solution, that you may establish a batch to convert very much thumbs or resized images at different photo qualities from a handful of screen captures. Making the Outputted images exactly the same size.

Webzarus — a thanks; have definitely knowledgeable something here!!

Employ PNG, not JPG…
But begin using a JPG, set the product quality to 100% (paint non-payments to 75%).

Or download the actual old (free) variation of SnagIt and check if their
image reduction algorithm provides improvement over what you are choosing:
http: //www. oldapps. com/SnagIT. phpold_snagit=12

The modern SnagIt is sample (then pay), but the old version I do believe it totally cost-free.

Chrome has good quality ones, and it saves like a png. I know about my macbook i merely do command + shift + 4 or 5 to get your screenshot. But if I would like the whole page the good news is chrome addon to accomplish this for you.

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