Billion Dollar Idea (maybe)

Alright men, new user these. Please don’t flame me. I have this good idea for a website which i want to set up that literally just came in my experience last night. I am a 3d modeler in addition to beginning C++ programmer. Nonetheless, I have little to no knowledge of web, html, and therefore am looking for someone to point me inside the right direction. I invented this idea past night and really do not want to give excessive of the advice away. The premise in the entire site will take place in some sort of 3d environment, albeit an exceptionally simple one. Fundamentally, I would have the user and therefore view different sides of the object similar to how it works while you customize a automobile on auto web sites. It would need to be an actual object that the user is revolving around, and i used to be kind of expecting to implement something such as 3ds max’s viewcube for any user. However, none in the other functions would be needed i. e. zoom, pan. Also, I do possibly not want this that they are like something you’d click on, I would want this that they are the entire website, located within this specific 3d environment. If ANYONE features any idea what I am talking about and then please reply together with suggestions.

I would assume you would require flash.

so. thanx for the actual input mike. the idea here will be to import geometry out of 3d modeling plans into this, and allow anyone to rotate throughout the object, while being able to click on various portions with the object. as post said, I really do not know too considerably about actual html or website creation, as this is simply a design recently.

What would anyone with the actual object Besides have the ability to rotate it. The key reason why would they want/need to rotate it

without giving an excess of away about the actual project… the user might want/need to rotate surrounding the object to check out certain areas intriguing on the item. these areas of interest would sort of pop out because the user hovers about them, and would be clickable if the consumer is interested in knowing more info that particular section belonging to the object.

Adobe flash, or possibly Coffee, could work. Nonetheless, that’s something you’re really going to be by yourself with in most cases due to that sheer complexity of handling 3-D objects.

I’d grant you more advice as compared to this… but doing offers like this is definitely over my mind.

Like this

Many thanks,

hmmm… very similar to that yes. however I feel as only am more or less scrolling through a variety of rendered pictures on that as opposed to actually interacting when using the object. maybe this needs to be thought of more along side lines of an online game format although it is not a game, the functionality I want for something like that http: //nikeid. nike. com/nikeid/index. jspsitesrc=uslp. Hit the button to the left that pronounces customize, and then to the left click start off blank. This helps you customize a nike sneaker part by part, while also letting you rotate the boot and show numerous angles. However, I would like to have a little more rotation control compared to this. I checked that rules here along with I’m hoping I read it right that links that will pertain aren’t contrary to the rules…

Which definitely pertains, certainly. The link principle is more some people will drop self-promotional links at the beginning, and this plainly isn’t one (unless you work with Nike, which MY PARTNER AND I doubt).

I’ve done a smallish bit of this specific in Flash in advance of, years ago. And what I finished up having to accomplish myself was to be able to photograph the item at various angles (think of this weird 360-degree panning digital camera ESPN uses about Monday Night Football) after which you can the rotation arrives into play should the user goes involving the pictures to set-up a faux panorama. I thought this was for a hotel, though, not a student object, so I’m undecided how it would work for that.

The other thing you’re visiting have to contemplate is that there is no real universal training video format. Flash is as close precisely as it gets, but even it isn’t installed on your pretty large percentage of browsers, wholesome . to Adobe’s idiotic 98% claims. So whatever you do, if it’s that good of an idea, you’re going to acquire to allow regarding multiple video formats in addition to no video format in the least.

Yeah – I believe referential links which might be not spam tend to be permitted.

You’re right – in which boat thing was done in the late 90’s (OMG along with FRontPage! ) in addition to it’s basically any Quicktime movie regarding about 72 photographs sewn together.
The technology has came far away – the Nike matter is Flash, and I don’t have any competence in Display – did a little of it so I could understand the method, but now MY PARTNER AND I hire it done by those who are orders involving magnitude better during it than I am.

Maybe you ought to be posting this in the Flash forum

I might have to migrate for the flash forum. Although after TheGAME clarified how this can be done, that may not be ideal. See, the idea was and therefore somehow import the geometry originating from a 3d modeling package for example 3ds max or Maya. After accomplishing some research nevertheless, what I am speaking about may be more over the lines of any flash game or any web sport that gets consistently updated with new 3d models and textures fairly often. This may be the only way I might get the user to really interact in a true time 3d living space…

Well, I don’t know much (anything) that – sounds in my experience like you’re inventing a almost online Holodeck….
All the best, and when you might have something done I’d like to see it!

Consider http: //papervision3d. org/ – they’re focusing on a 3D motor for Flash. Many thanks.

Head over to http: //blog. papervision3d. org/ for data on how this works and exactly the project along with engine.

Well thanks for all you help guys. It is rather much Appreciated!!

Also you can want to research the HTML5 < canvas> tag and see what sorts of things people usually are doing with that… you get OpenGL for it, so there’s lots that can be done for 3D copy…. if you might interpret a MAX file into a < canvas> model that could be cool.

thanks steven the actual links you submitted to papervision are really cool and def. something I am looking into just for this project. I will research the html5 < canvas> tag. thanks for what!

This is not really a billion bill idea but it isn’t bad. Give it a aim to lets hope it turns out superb!

Give me the billion in advance, then I’ll make coursesmart for you.

Give me the billion in advance, then I’ll make coursesmart for you.

AK, would you settle for 500 million at first.

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