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Hi there all.

Does anyone find out any code i could put in CODE or CSS that will enable external inbound links to open in the blank window/tab, but after you click on specific in domain buttons EG: www. model. com (clicks link about) www. model. com/about. html to not open in a new blank window.

Help could be most appt

For links that you would like to open in a new window and also tab, use " target=" _blank", such as this:

< a href=" index. php" > Brand of link here< /a>

for links that you would like to open from the same page, either don’t specify a new target, or use " target=" _self"

You’ll be able to read more below.

Oh no i could do that. I meant in case you go to http: //www. apollodesignstudios. corp. uk/site/index. php/portfolio/finished. html and click a site url it opens it in the same window… and because the a module i cant determine where to visit to put the target=" _blank" signal…. hence why i am after a script with some sort to put into the web coding site or regarding css to just open external links in the blank window/tab.

Oh – I had been not aware from the original post for you to were using Joomla. I’m not familiar together with Joomla, so I estimate I can’t help you along, sorry.

No probolemo Thanks with regard to trying anyways

This thread is usually closed. I’ve permanent it…..

If in doubt go to the help discussion boards……. http: //forum. itprism. com/forum/supp… io/how-to-add-link-attributes-to-the-compoent < — for anyone who would like to know how to handle it

Thanks for posting the most effective! There’s nothing pretty as frustrating for the reason that post that affirms " OK, WE fixed it! " then nothing is heard in the member again!

No problemo… We’re all here to aid each others.

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