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Without doubt guys and girls,
At college these days our teacher commenced talking about a coursework we’re at this time doing, he advised everybody that we should use Dreamweaver layout view, i said the following probably wasn’t one of the best idea and he / she didnt really know very well what i ment, i long been teaching half the class tips on how to use CSS since he had not any idea and truly ASKED me to show the class pertaining to him…
I dont be familiar with anybody else, but i do believe the colleges should a minimum of make an make an attempt to teach the appropriate scripts
This interested us today and my partner and i thought maybe you people will be interested

They ought to at least educate basic html/css

The remaining is just optional fluff, the undeniable fact that teacher knows there is nothing somewhat worrying.

Any teacher who’s going to be teaching a class about web site design but recommends you stay in the design view should be fired.

relating to finally figured out what a corner of the hand is good for……… slapping that teacher

really, did he not be familiar with CSS, and recommending DW design perspective is crazy!


What’s the name from the class itself

Put on ICT, it features a increasing number of clap-trap and then some web design, really i’m beginning in order to regret taking this kind of class…

ICT What is that

info and communications know-how…. i think

He certainly shouldn’t be teaching web layout if he isn’t going to know CSS, MY SPOUSE AND I dunno bout appearing fired though, its not his or her fault that he’s been made to teach it.

As for dreamweaver WE hate it and do not touch it ever previously, but for classes this is a handy tool to make basic sites quicker especially for folk who know nothing by any means, but typing by hand is easier once used to it and assists you learn code improved too.

Yep, no. Design view is harmful to anyone. Doesn’t teach folks new to it tips on how to do what they may be doing, and doesn’t make anything faster for individuals who already know what they’re doing.

Effectively, kind of. Design view is helpful to me if We’ve a huge document and prefer to visually jump with a section of your code. If Dreamweaver makes it properly, then We can click something plus it’ll jump compared to that part of your code.

Nevertheless it sucks at copy.

Yeah that’s among the things I for instance design view pertaining to to.
But I utilize split view like 70% of that time period. The other 30% of that time period I use just code view.
I REALLY LIKE Dreamweaver. It’s just like, my BFF.

yep our webdesign trainer never really tought individuals much either, when we were just starting i had no idea, he tought us all basic html coding next moved us into dreamweaver tought us making tables and colorize every part of them.

then he informed us that imitating websites is the best way to learn and build your special ideas, we did a imitation each he / she never really told us where to start to add links or anything, but me i had it at household spent most my time undergoing it, and others fought alot.

then our last task out of this teacher and they tells us to make our own style and concept we thought ok cool this would be great! nevertheless the others struggled, they were however making their designs bit by bit as they although of it and they would end up getting choppy gaps all over the place they didnt have the knowledge to slice or even anything. so a lot of peoples sites were very bad.

For the rest of the course the various other students would consult me for assistance every 20 minutes asking why at this time there flash buttons wouldnt work why they have this big bright gap and why it wouldnt middle etc.

I would check out and take a look and there designs could be total crap and id should fix it most up for all of them, at the conclusion of year i got a very low mark for that quality i did(got my personal report today) and all else that i INITIATED through out this course totally became good marks! ended up being totally stuffed way up!

And 1 tutor had it set for me. he’d tell me im bad staff member i dont employ a life because i consist of to do work all the time. and swear in me. I mean i’m only 16 this also guy is similar to 45 and hes developing a go at my family, i mean wtf! who does that!

on my course, theygave me some sort of wee manual to get HTML (only instructed the bare basic) plus had 1 article about CSS in buying it!!!!

crazy how just about all courses are expired as soon as they definitely are made!!

I’ll admit of which I’ve gotten used to the Rails means of doing things just lately, which means many of my views are certainly not longer than 35 lines, if very much, so jumping around isn’t issues. I’ve also must work without your design view pertaining to long enough that I’m pretty speedy at finding the way. I suppose you can find advantages to not being competent to use Dreamweaver: -P

Anyhow, vim lets my family move through documents so quickly that parallel long ones elements get easier.

It’s madness exactly how quickly up-to-date results in being out-of-date buty we spose thats the present day world for an individual.
Annoyingly , many people that scared us most was that will i’m in a very good class – A2 quantities and nobody sometimes had the faintest idea how to construct a CSS insurance, let alone connect to it from (x)HTML, the varsity annoys me because i’m keen on to use dreamweaver coder view as a result of its autocomplete, they need only a actually old dreamweaver which usually doesnt feature the auto complete, therefore i’ve got to type all of it out by hands (as it were), i dont mind accomplishing this but you get used to only typing the first 2 letters of any word!
This whole pathetic not enough knowledge at the school is paying down though – im giving paid educational costs in my cost-free lessons (i’m not a geek, honest! ) to nearly all of my friends, to compensate with the appauling level associated with teaching.
A little a rant,

I stopped caring what we were looking at teaching at the school because I wasn’t about to sit there plus debate the the inner workings of decent web development using a 60-year-old man, fine as he definitely is.

If people are really curious regarding web development, they’ll hopefully study through to it outside of the class anyway, hence no worries. I know that half the folks in my HTML DOCUMENT class didn’t want to be in it (if I had a dime for every time th

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